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  1. hello how are you ^^

    1. Twilight Luna

      Twilight Luna

      I’m doing good. How are you?

  2. ps4 anyone ? :3 installing cod mwr at the moment...I know im late XD

  3. welp ive don't something stupid by accident...I erased my xbox live/password account on my notes , and now I cant remember the name of the email or password xD ohh well time to make a new one...

  4. I think I should start making my oc now huh hmmm what place can I go to make one ?

  5. just so you guys know I haven't season season 9 yet so.... no spoilers !

    Image result for rarity no spoilers

  6. Thanks for the follow! :wub:

    Image result for mlp celestia dance

    1. Polarismoon


      No problem ^^  btw who is your fav. Princess ? :3

  7. that or they are taking the adventedge for not having net neutrality : /
  8. huh mlp forums loads really quick on edge...interesting :mlp_wat:

  9. So what is the correct order for watching just the movies for avengers end game before seeing it ? Would like to re watch all of them but not sure in what correct order.

  10. It’s been a long time since I was here, seeing there is a few new options on here one before you register you can already post but with your email and a new + sign I believe it wasn’t there before lol

  11. Ok so I’m hoping it wasn’t already posted ! But what is your internet like ware you live ? Good ? Bad ? Or have to settle with sat. ? For me i have fixed internet with a tower on the house <.< 5mbs
  12. Hmmm idk what to choose ! I like both ! But if i had to it would have to be pizza XD
  13. I would have to say Oklahoma.....who knows if I’m the only one XD