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  1. This was tough for me. My funniest favorites are: - Hearts and Hooves Day - Between Dark and Dawn - Every Little Thing She Does - Hard to Say Anything - Best Night Ever Not by rank of course... Just I have had the most laughs with these since my daughter introduced me to the show. She learned the phrase "Oh Come On!" thanks to Sweetie Belle in Hearts and Hooves Day at age 3.
  2. Sugar Belle: Thank you Pinkie and Rarity for helping plan my wedding. Everything is going to be perfect! Rarity: Darling you're going to look ravishing... Pinkie: And your cake is going to be spectacular! It's going to have heart candies and sparkly sugar dust and.. Sugar Belle: it sounds wonderful! How about the music? Pinkie: Oh I got that covered! Cheese Sandwich knows someone from your old town who sings great and booked him? Sugar Belle: Really?! Who?! Pinkie: Featherbangs! *Sugar Belle and Rarity's mouths drop in horror*
  3. Still think Celestia and Luna may die given the amount of attention and episodes they have had lately in Season 9. They want you to feel sad if they pass. I know I would be.
  4. We will obviously get a new Mane 6, or even a few more or less characters. Given that names have been used before (G2 Sugar Belle and G1 Sunshimmer [Sunset Shimmer]) what about the new main characters are actually the next Gen of the prior? Let's use Flurry Heart as a perfect example to lead the next generation and guardian of the elements of Harmony. This little rebellious and reckless Alicorn would make the perfect heroine to start. Let's then add the Cake siblings. We already know she doesn't agree with their rivalry, but would make for a great comic relief. They muck things up, and Flurry Heart is always cleaning up their mess. Lastly, we already know there's a love between Starlight Glimmer and Sunburst, why not add their child as the youngest of the group (of however many main characters), but being the wisest of them all, despite the youngest. Anyways, just a couple thoughts while I finish my lunch. Probably a better fan fic..
  5. Daring Do: you won't get away with this Cabron! Caballeron: it's Caballeron. How long have we been fighting now? And this show just became rated TV14.
  6. Umm it's Wikipedia... I edited it once to say cheese can make you hairy.
  7. Not sure but I'm detecting a bit of frustration here. Why? These are fictional characters. Who cares if a pony likes a draconequus and wants to marry him? Opposites attract and they are literally opposites.
  8. I get it's a TV kids show but it also talked about dating and break ups (Big Mac and Sugar Belle). Despite them both not actually breaking up, kids got a first hand look at heartbreak there. As such, the crew contradicted themselves.
  9. Not to be too blunt but you too are assuming friendship. All signs just point to more there for Fluttershy and Discord. I guess we will see how it pans out as the show ends.
  10. I just don't understand how it's teased and I can think of real world examples that Fluttershy and Discord allude to which reinforces the point that they ARE and item. Ex: you date a girl and say you're friends to others (and some friends may dislike her) in order to keep bias out of any deeper relationship. At the same time you could be keeping it a secret. Hell I did this in college with a girl because her Dad and friends absolutely hated me! So who is to say Rainbow Dash and Applejack probably feel the same about Discord for Fluttershy? Bottom line is, Fluttershy and Discord have a relationship and their love in it is hidden from others despite denial. Spike knows they are an item, and so does Angel.
  11. IMO showing their marriage would be cute and it would show a whole new emotional level for Discord... Despite his chaotic and malovent behavior in the past, he really is loving and harmonious (in a way that won't kill him). People would like him a lot more much to others' dismay. Full disclosure, my entire household would love to see Discord and Fluttershy get married as much as they want to see Big Mac and Sugar Belle too.
  12. The show may not directly show any affection outside of a hug and dialogue, but the implication is there that their relationship will hit the next level. It's up to the writers to decide if they want to show it or not in a show. At this point I believe they will not..
  13. It may take away from the purpose of their existence, but it would be cute to see some of them enter romantic relationships. It would have to make sense though... Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich would be a real good one. Rainbow Dash and Soarin' would be a good one too.
  14. Discord: My Fluttershy you made me my favorite tea today! I love Earl Grey! Oh my... You're giving me the look again... *Throws all the the dishes and sandwiches off the coffee table*