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  1. Want a good Pinkie episode? Have Pinkie Pie as a wedding planner for Big Mac and Sugar Belle, then have Cheese Sandwich return as a competition. Somewhat of a retread on a prior episode, except they fall for each other while making sure Sugar Belle's wedding dazzles and amazes. Make it take place during hearts and hooves day.
  2. Sad, really sad. FIM has not only rallied young girls, but older MLP fans, and even guys, and families to enjoying the series.
  3. ^ This I also believe that all Mane 6 will be princesses and alicorned. They will be labeled either The Guardians of Harmony or Princesses of Harmony. I also think that Trixie will run the School of Friendship with Discord and Starlight
  4. Sugar Belle: Big Mac? Big Mac: Eeyup? Sugar Belle: Want to make a cream pie with me? Big Mac: EEEYUP!!!