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  1. It feels like its been 3 years not 2. hm l guess more bad the movie, more it feels like its way older imo. Also back off haters who hate my message. listen its just how l am
  2. Okay this is a better pic of luna because l'm not in the dark. ignore Ren
  3. Yeah l do! thunderstorms makes me happy and even when you mostly want to stay in your house for most people, but for me its a NO NO.
  4. ik the picture is very dark but anyways my is princess luna and yes my room is very dark atm.
  5. ooooo someone will play in the wind and have fun!
  6. a single cookie... really l need more words....
  7. all gen of mlp are babyish imo but l still watch it
  8. Okay and its true l seen the very last episodes of season 9 and l wanted to use this pony as an avatar, but idk if its bad because its spoiler. Its just one pony l want to use for avatar and l want to use it cause its nice and pretty. so is it okay or not? and its not the avatar l have rn
  9. l sometimes do stay awake at that time because l'm stupid and also l can't sleep
  10. l wish l could talk about the very last episodes of season 9 on here but there is no threads for that right now. but anyways lets talk about the first and second episode. l think the episodes made me laugh because of Cozy Glow xD why also this is late timing for me to talk about it now...oops