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  1. Okay one thing l did got a few more of mlp stuff before these but l never posted them. Anyways the most recent are celestia and rainbow, the others were 3 days ago.
  2. I hope they make a better main character for G5.
  3. Hope you will be active again!

  4. A lot of mlp plushies are ugly imo, like sometimes their heads can be too big, they have a weird body shape, or they have not enough hair. Trust me there is a lot of MLP stuff I hate and make a fun of. You are not the only one. how come she has a bump on her head xD
  5. well one problem is that idk what show or book that character is from, so i'll just say 8/10 for now.
  6. So Daring Do, do you hope you will be in G5 of MLP?
  7. l saw a lot of beautiful twilight keychains and luna keychains. Also l found the website where your twilight came from and you can customize it. The website have you make your own keychain, you should try it!
  8. I say Rarity is a good designer, but yeah some outfits didn't look so well.
  9. must be your favorite hobby for that many years. great to know you do something that l do too!