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    Rarity..jk..um Princess Celestia
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  1. I gotta say, I love the Link avatar with the flower crown! xD beautiful

    1. Thuja


      Thanks, found it on tumblr!

    2. Osoka_Topez


      Ah, they're always interesting images on there.

    3. Thuja


      Yeah there are, I just wish there was a cutesy one of Ganondorf though but I'll settle for Link. :squee:

  2. tired...bored and very bored. What else am l suppose to say
  3. Feeling the joy of life of beauty! that image is the one with the mane six, that's why. I didn't bother just to get her alone
  4. I know that, it just wasn't my thing during the time
  5. Lame Cars 3. nothing else to do and it was on TV.
  6. No why? Who would get sad watching G3? All the films were happy and colorful. For a second l thought you just said G3. But still they were all happy. I still like the older generations better anyways.
  7. How would l know, it was so many years ago. I'm not that kind of person who keeps watching YouTube all day anyways. I just know the first youtuber was probably a gamer.
  8. Starlight glimmer, my 4th favorite pony of the world!
  9. They all had knee heavy boots because boots would be heavy as a horseshoe, when they walk, the shoes will make the stopping sound like horseshoes, and because boots are a farm style look which horse riders wear.
  10. Someone is an emo with emo buddies.◇
  11. Do you know what Riley's username is on MLP forums?

    1. Partialgeek514



      I'm not sure how often he's on here these days though.

    2. Osoka_Topez