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    Rarity and Sunset Shimmer
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    Rarity..jk..um Princess Celestia
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    Rarity & EG Sunset Shimmer
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    Soarin, Starlight, Star Song, G3 Rarity, G3 RD, G1 Fizzy, Ribbon Wishes, and Star Catcher
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    Very hard to choose
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    none. l don't like the songs.
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  1. Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask is one of the best! It's in 4th place on my favorite Zelda game list.
  2. I just mean disabilities that can prevent you from flying or something like you can't fly for too long. Just anything that can mess it up. I don't know why you brought up a different subject though. Like okay That's the power!
  3. Yes others should be able to do the sonic rainboom! Any pegus can be very fast if they are fit enough and practiced enough. Also if they don't have any disability or some kind.
  4. They said it will come out on Netflix like around the end of 2020 or in the beginning of 2021. Of course they used covid 19 as an excuse to not release the season when it ended months ago before covid became a big thing. Reasons why l said that because everytime when a new season ended, it will be released on Netflix like a week after the season ended. So there shouldn't be any problem because they had basically had 3 months to do it.
  5. To me there is not such thing as a scary multiplayer game. But that's only because they didn't feel scary. Othes may say it is and others don't. One other reason why that's my opinion because horror games don't scare me. But they are very interesting to play or watch.
  6. Maybe we get to see more screen time of ruler Twilight? Who knows
  7. I have more than 3... Star Catcher, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Star Song, Ribbon Wishes, Minty, and just one more..Sweet Berry and l love their toys. Very beautiful
  8. Happy to find someone else who likes G3 too!
  9. Star Catcher was the name! Ahhh she so beautiful as Rarity oops l thought it will merge
  10. Big G3 fan here! It was my first generation that got me into MLP. Then l liked G1 even more and G2. Some reason G3 made me like G1 more then l used to.
  11. I forgot about Star Song. I always thought she was pretty. Also l liked that pegasus who is white and has the pink and blue colors in her mane. What was her name again?
  12. Agreed with all of that Imo Yahoo was a mess. My mom always hated Yahoo email. Like there was problems and things won't load.