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  1. She still is a princess. They just haven't pointed that out, like come on she is an alicorn. So yeah she is.
  2. okay right now I'm eating chicken legs....but before that it was shrimp
  3. Thinking about should I dress up for halloween or not? The costume I want is very expensive. The whole set costs like 50 something plus tax that might be 60$.
  4. When I first saw them when they were first released, I thought it was a strange idea.
  5. For being too shy I mean just look, his face is covered up
  6. yeah it is one of the worst. Just not a real thing for school and also a school that won't help you in life besides making friends all day and you know less of history or math. Like l haven't seen any teacher teaching math or reading. I only saw history a few times and science in that pony school.
  7. Nintendo games are very easy actually for many people. You just need to get use to it and you will be better. Try Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, that is the most not zelda ish easiest Zelda game ever. Also guides can help for mario games l think, l don't know l never used a guide for mario games unless there is a cheating way to past a level. But l never finished the first mario game earthier because there was a glitch that happened to me and it stuck that way.
  8. I would use any forums just to send a message a day and leave or talk to people. I know I do sound boring xD
  9. Yes I miss her! I liked her when she was a unicorn and not some bad alicorn.
  10. I feel very great because I been hacking my town in ACNL, finally i started on it.
  11. I get pinned so many times l can't keep up and l never really replied back. Just wanna say thank you all users who pinned me so many hugs and l'm sorry for a late reply!🤫
  12. I only like the toys but the "show" is bad and random.
  13. Number one thing l hate is the CHEESE THING! WHY DOES AMERICA KEEP PUTTING DISGUSTING cheese on everything.