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  1. l just saw this now because you didn't quote my post. But l think it's too late anyways but that is nice.
  2. my canterlot castle that someone was selling and it also came with ponies and spike. I have all the pieces besides a cardboard wall which it doesn't matter at all.
  3. Not a big fan of sharing my PSN or any other stuff, so l'm just going to share nintendo FCs. FC1S-6554 0700 5327 FC2S-1236 2867 6889 3DS FC1-1349 8741 1668 3DS FC2-2767 5108 1312 Yes above the 3ds fcs are for switch. Just private message me when you add my 3ds fc so l can add you back.
  4. no its too much of what there is about me
  5. I won't ever date anyone. I will stay single forever. But ik l would be a great mom if l owned a child. Babies are fun to play with, but still no.
  6. l pull on my eyebrows because l just want to play with something, so l pick on them. I would play with my hair because l just do.
  7. welcome back! and l saw your message sent to me on that thread about you being banned, and l just wanna say yeah l bet it didn't feel so good.

    1. Randimaxis


      Hey, it was all for the kiddos, and that's what counts.  But I thank you oh so kindly.  *humbly bows*

    2. Osoka_Topez


      You are welcome☆

      I keep forgetting there are kids on these forums..oops

  8. hey is there a big event for easter on mlp forums?

    1. Lord Valtasar

      Lord Valtasar

      kinda early to tell, but maybe Angel Bunny can make a visit

    2. Osoka_Topez
  9. it is good that you look younger than your age because that means you won't look bad when your old
  10. l looked older when l was younger age, but now l look younger as l'm older.
  11. I gotta say these new MLP Potion toys are out of control with the designs, like they are pretty messed up with the ponies. But good news the human ponies aren't that bad actually, they didn't change a lot of the designs. What do you guys think of the new equestria girls? here is a review of some of the dolls
  12. my are these l still felt like l should have showed the other ponies l got before these ponies.