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  1. Happy birthday! :pinkie: I hope it will be an awesome one! ^_^

    1. LilEaZydaPonyGod


      Thank you! It certainly will. Cake is the best, and Geddan is magic. The best thing I could get for my bday would be Geddan on repeat! :umad:

  2. Pleasant fetal transmogrification day!

  3. Ack. Haven't been on for a while.


  4. Who's up 'n ready for the day? I know I am!

  5. Oh, my gosh, when I read this comment I just had a total freakout. I ship all of those, even if my otp is PinkieDash. RariJack is practically canon in EQG, so why not in Mlp? They are alt. universes after all, so I wouldn't be expecting it from both universes. Anyway, PinkieDash is my numero uno canon pick for mane 6 x Dash.
  6. I feel the same about the villains. I just wanna know where dafuq chrissy came from.
  7. I see a bunch of topics about who is best pony and all that, and I just wanted to shake it up a bit. (Lol this is probably 1/12 in topics like this) However, comma, I prefer to know the opinions of everyone else. So, what pone do you think should be improved?
  8. I mean they didn’t destroy SoarinDash yet. I guess I should start reading the comics so I can be somewhat less disappointed when I see stuff like that. Thanks.
  9. I get it. I ship it too but my otp is PinkieDash.... For obvious reasons. I think of twidash as them arguing over Daring Do book plots and making out afterwards. Or maybe Twi being stressed out and going through mood swings when Dash has to deal with it. Or maybe it’s just that time of month for Twilight.
  10. My bad. I thought you said Dash with Discord lol. But you’re right. I’m pretty sure she does tolerate Discord for flutters. I meant why Twi with Disc? I still kinda can’t see that happening. I guess I can see Twilight questioning his logic, but that’s why TwiPie is shipped.
  11. Hmmm. Why Dash with Disc? I guess I kinda see why but I can’t see it happening.
  12. Would it or Won't it? Your opinion. (No shipping wars) Do I think it? Nah. Soarin to me is just a one-dimensional character. Dash and Soarin almost never interact. I just prefer them as close friends.
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