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  1. I don't know if anyone has made this conclusion but, I believe that most of the events in the EqG spin-off is occurring in 2013/4 with sunset's arrival possibly occurring in 2010, the same year that FiM aired for the first time. So all the shorts, specials and movies are all occurring in 2013 and 2014 not in real time.
  2. I can also imagine that some of these bloggers disappearing and never being heard from again as they end up either getting captured or killed by the ships they were coming after. Another thing of note, if two ghost ships were to attack each other, they are unable to damage or sink one another.
  3. What if equestrian magic was capable of spawning a ghost ship or two in the Human world: These are either hulks raised from the seabed by equestrian magic or ships cursed and doomed to forever wander the seas aimlessly for eternity. Attacking any ship or coastal city/town that crosses it's path, The following characteristics that these ghost ships would share would be the following: - All are pirate ships as their greed brought them to this fate. - All are ships from the age of sail. - All are invisible to radar. - All are supernaturally fast and nigh uncatchable. - These ships tend to surround themselves with either fog or stormclouds.
  4. Whether they be sailing under a curse, rogue magic ships built from materials with magical properties, or wrecks that have been raised from the depths of the sea, their crews ressurected via naturally occurring necromancy, how do you think ghost ships could fit into the pony world? Especially when this kind of imagery is evoked:
  5. Take any Screenshot from EqG with characters that have an expression of shock, surprise, anger, or fear or just them screaming or shouting and edit or redraw that scene so that their expressions resemble the facial expressions seen in the "One Piece" manga:
  6. that would still result in civilization as we know it collapsing or being fundamentally altered.
  7. it's that kind of stuff that is usually left to the fans, even after this generation ends. there is still plenty of room for fans to fill in the gaps
  8. Looking back, especially at the current time that this is the final season, I feel the oceans of the pony world haven't received as much attention as the lands of the pony world. I mean, both the series and comics could have further fleshed out the oceans of the world created for G4. Added new islands, diversified the ocean floor with different regions and terrain. Have things like underwater ruins or even shipwrecks. I know sequestria exists but they could have also added kingdoms and other powers int he sea. both on the surface and below it. They could have written in the existence a pirate nation state similar to how pirates in real life formed a lose pirate republic in nassau or similar to the legendary pirate utopia of Libertalia, which is was allegedly located in Madagascar. as for mythical creatures, would have been cool if Umibozu existed in the pony world. Japanese folklore could have been another outlet for importing mythical creatures into the pony world: They could have even inserted influences from ocean mythologies of other cultures across the world. things like sea monsters and underwater locations from other cultures too. They could even include ghost ships and even a villain who captains a ghost ship. i mean there are examples of fully fleshed out marine fantasy settings they could have looked into for inspiration: Pirates of the Caribbean movies, One Piece, Wind Waker/Phantom hourglass, and a more recent video game example, Sea of Thieves.
  9. so something like a huge magic war followed by a societal collapse of sorts on the human side?
  10. A humanoid shape is more relatable than an equine one. And i only liked it for it's urban fantasy concepts not the highschool setting
  11. I divide this into two categories: Present Day (exist in present day eqg setting) or Historical (exist as historical figures in the EqG world). In the Historical category. they could either be deceased or still alive through equestrian magic. Present day: - Fishermen - Owner and staff of a Seafood and chicken restaurant - Marine Salvage crew - Online pirates Historical:- Actual Pirates from the age of sail. - WW1/WW2 freelance mercenaries. Fly an airship much like their equestrian counterparts.\- 1920s/1930s Tramp Steamer crew.- Prohibition era smugglers.
  12. What would happen to the human world if instead of Equestrian artifacts and magic "leaking" into the world, It flowed into the world in huge and sudden torrents? Or just straight up merged with equestria? Wherein flora and fauna from Equestria invade the human world uncontrollably, Artifacts are scattered everywhere, Equestria's essence is everywhere and EVERY human is given the magic powers of their equestrian counterparts. How would human civilization and society in EqG react and adapt to the sudden change? Would they adapt to the changes well or would everything just collapse into pure anarchy? I dont even know if such an event would even be classified as an "apocalypse" at all.
  13. This is more in the realm of writing fics but, I wonder if the "Cursed Mariner" Archetype could exist in EG? Like a Human Sea Captain from an earlier time period (pirate,merchant,naval,etc) coming across some equestrian magic or artifact and then like all the other antagonists of EG, Misusing said magic for their personal gain, resulting in them being twisted in both mind and body. The Effects of the artifact/magic would also extend onto the Crew and the Ship as well. Transforming them like their captain. The Ship being altered by said magic and artifact and exhibiting magical properties. This kind of archetype can be interpreted in many ways. And this would lead to local legends of Ghost ships over the years in Canterlot's Maritime History. Some could be villains (especially if they are pirates or vengeful in nature) and some could be more tragic characters. One basis for a story would be something where Sunset catches sight of one such "Ghost ship" (especially on camera). Said "Ghost ship" attaching it's presence onto sunset and would only be seen by her. Usually floating above the ground (those who cant see it are overcome by the overwhelming stench of whale carcass). It's captain also being only seen by her, and more frequently. This keeps happening for a couple of weeks before the rest of her friends eventually are able to see the ship and it's captain and crew and are able to confront them. The "Captain" turns out to be the Captain's Daughter, who had been "Cursed" by an equestrian artifact that was discovered and gifted to her by her father. After a Storm destroyed the ship, the artifact actually "saved" them but at the cost of becoming "Echoes" of their former selves. being forced to wander the sea forever until they come across the right person to undo the curse. All the while being pursued and tormented by either an astral sea monster or the vengeful echo of a pirate captain, who previously owned said equestrian artifact. However It doesn't always involve ghost ships and it could also be an encounter with them on an island or in some alternate version of "Spring breakdown". Like something where the Girls come across Human World versions of Captain Celaeno and her Crew, having been turned immortal by an equestrian artifact or magic. Another way this could play out would be something where a ship and crew end up in a time loop generated by equestrian magic or artifact and could be doomed to follow the same route of tragedy.their ship being destroyed at the end of each loop. however, time flows normally outside the bubble the loop is occurring in an people outside mistake it for a ghost ship
  14. on a different note, imagine how big some of the boss vehicles be at the scale given. Especially since some of them oly partially appear on screen and not the whole thing? Usually the concept art shows almost the whole thing: some examples being Aeshi Nero: Only the bottom half of Rugname appears in Metal Slug 2/X: Only the bottom half of Brave Guerrier appears in Metal slug 4: Stone Turtle from Metal Slug 5 was supposed to be part of the Mammoth Tower: And imagine the girls out on the beach and then this ship appears, covered in seaweed. They at first think it's fluttershy covered in seaweed until a minigun pokes out of the covering: