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  1. Wheeler Dealers Season 13 They made a MLP reference and i thought it was hilarious
  2. It needs to be about 20 percent cooler 20% cooler.mp4
  3. Welcome Shadow Beam to our discussion about the pony Telly Shine
  4. I enjoyed Kim Possible as well when I was a kid! While we might have different opinions, some shows that forever will be in my heart are FiM, chowder and regular show.
  5. Too bad that FiM is ending *sad smiley face*
  6. Thanks! Telly Shine's personality is exactly like Wendy's personality on gravity falls, plus, she shows great sympathy and is a tech nerd always there if her friends need her. An episode with her and rainbow dash having a day off together would have been a dream come true
  7. She likes it cheesy, that's the type of food that you grow up with when your parents are gone 95% of the time.
  8. Telly Shine Gender: Female Kind: Pegasus Cutiemark: A red and light blue stereoscopic happy TV Appearance: light and cyan blue flat long Mane that covers her right eye and a slight messy tail Favorite Color: Cyan Green Favorite Food: Quesadillas Pets: None (fluttershy might come in handy) Born In: Manehattan Lives in: Ponyville Interests: Watch TV-Shows, cuddle with her teddy bears. Skills: Programmer, TV Engineer When she gets sad her Cutiemark TV changes from happy to sad. Telly Shine is a Pegasus that always supports her friends showing as much sympathy as she can, her jokes suck so much that they're funny. Her laugh is adorable and definitely will make you smile. She hates taking risks and tries to always search for a safer solution, if you need help with your tv then Telly Shine is here! She's an expert on Tv Engineering and Programming, learned everything at home! Telly Shine grew up in a small apartment in Manehattan, In school she had a hard time making friends so she ended up staying home every day after school watching tv-series, sleeping and playing video games. Her parents were gone 11 months a year because of business reasons, She had to live home alone making her own decisions, her apartment often became pretty greasy because of her loving for quesadillas, the house was full with cheese. One day, when she finally passed the School of Friendship, she decided to move to ponyville, sadly, her parents did not have the time to say goodbye. She had heard that ponyville had no programmers. When she finally arrived to ponyville, she got the job and now got her own house in the center of ponyville. One day, she might meet the other ponies, who knows, the Elements of Harmony might be missing one element. Sympathy In conclusion she is a tech nerd that always helps you when you need her, funny in her own way, sympathetic and makes you smile by looking at her, simply an awesome pony! What did you guys think about Telly Shine? All feedback would be greatly appreciated! I think having her in the show would be like putting a cherry on a cupcake! The one and final touch.