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  1. Definitely! Also that's a really cool name, @TheRockATrice.
  2. Yeah, lets just have a giant Pokemon catching party.
  3. I have a feeling that I won't do very many, if any, more drawings on the computer, it's just not my thing because it's really hard and takes forever and doesn't look as good as the hand-drawn stuff.  Those are also reasons why I am so proud of Dawn on the computer, because it really did feel like it took forever while I was coloring her.

    1. DivineShadow1000
    2. Dawn-Sunlight


      AWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Hi Sunset!  You're so adorable! :awwthanks:

    3. DivineShadow1000


      @Dawn-Sunlight The most beautiful Sunset ever... well, except maybe this one!


  4. Yeah, finally finished my OC Dawn Sunlight!

    I think it looks good.  i think.


  5. Not sure if I should be proud or angry that Janja finally managed to tackle Kion.

  6. Vitani: You look different with that scar.  And surrounded by Outlanders.

    Me: Do you not recognize Jasiri?!

  7. image.thumb.png.43300f53f4aa22b5399eee850ad66071.png

    I can imagine Janja just thinking, "What just happened?"

  8. @Treeglow Flicker: Hi! I'm incredibly impressed in people who can watch the entire show in only a few weeks, like, I think I'd get bored.
  9. You have the complete opposite opinion of me there. I hate Lapis so much. I think earlier posts on here by me sum it up pretty well, so I'll just quote them. and Sorry if these come out too harsh, I'm trying to explain why I don't like Lapis. Also, I actually do think she's only a Crystal Gem because it's easier for her and not because she actually believes in what the Crystal Gems do or loves the Earth based on this line, "If they're going to punish me like a Crystal Gem, I might as well be one". The unfortunate thing is that Lapis had the opportunity to be a good character, if we take away all her appearances where she's being the worst like Barn Mates or Room for Ruby or especially Raising the Barn, and keep the ones where she was a great supporting character like Gem Harvest or my favorite appearance of her, Hit the Diamond, she would be a funny, supportive character, probably one of my favorites. She and White, Yellow and especially Pink Diamond are the only characters in Steven Universe that I don't like, I haven't watched, like, most of the show, just a lot of clips and all of Peridot's episodes, plus the ending of season 5, basically all of Diamond Days I think.
  10. And here I thought that Gigantamaxed Drednaw was the most ridiculous thing I'd ever seen in a Pokemon Game. And then Gigantamaxed Meowth comes along. And it looks ABSOLUTELY ridiculous! Dynamax as a whole, honestly, is ridiculous, we didn't need both Dynamax and Gigantamax in the game! Gigantamax actually gives us new forms and new moves and it's not every single Pokemon, while Dynamax is so much worse than Megas. And there are some Megas who already have models for the Switch(Gen 1), so I don't get why the Pokemon in the Galar region who can Mega Evolve didn't get their Megas.
  11. @Misscellanio: Yep, because it's Peridot, for me any episode where she plays a major role where Lapis isn't being the absolute worst is a great episode. I honestly feel like Peri needs more screen time. How do you feel about Lapis?
  12. Wow, I'm a butterfly now!  Sigh, I liked the parasprite better, it was adorable.

    1. Tacodidra


      I hope you get a better rank soon, my friend! :kindness: It was the same for me – I really liked the squirrel rank. ^_^

    2. Dawn-Sunlight


      Yeah, well at least it took me much faster to get to 200 post count than it did for 100 despite me being less active than I was when I first joined.  Probably has to do with me reaching out of my shell more.  I might be able to just keep myself on the Parasprite rank 'cause I think once the admins are done revealing their new ranks you have the option to choose what rank you're at if you already got it. :coco:

      :awwthanks: I can't get over how good this emoji is. :awwthanks:

  13. @Misscellanio: My favorite episode is Catch and Release. I love Peridot too!