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  1. Miss you! Hopefully you will come back some day! :Rara:

  2. I used to have a dog, her name was Margot, and she was a doberman-rottweiler mix. She was really sweet. I'm going to continue to prove your point correct, I'm a cat person too. I just have things in the way of getting one.
  3. YES!  I just finished my OC!!!  Yay!  Time for bed.

  4. I never realized until now that I pretty much used to only interact with @GlimGlam when I was still fairly new to the forums.  It took me a while to open up my shell I guess.  Also, It surprised me just how many status updates I used to reply to, but that was in the summer when I had more time.

    1. Tacodidra


      It took you a while to be confident, to really come out of your shell. :arethosehands:

      It took me months to start replying to statuses at all back when I joined... :adorkable: Yeah, it sounds weird now. :muffins:

  5. All of the users above me are in trouble for neglecting this thread(including myself).
  6. Working on my OC Dawn Sunlight, and despite her being me in the MLP and EQG worlds, has a completely made up backstory not parallel to mine at all.  Her father is really abusive, which is actually the opposite of my father, who is very loving and kind.  Although, I guess if her backstory was the same as my actual life, it would be rather boring. :adorkable:

    I've almost filled out all of the necessary requirements for the Create a Character thing on the forums, so Dawn's almost a character here! :yay:

    1. DivineNightmare1000


      @Dawn-Sunlight Here’s an OC artwork someone made for me!


    2. Dawn-Sunlight


      Wow, that's really good, whoever drew that!

    3. DivineNightmare1000


      @Dawn-Sunlight I called her Midnight Glow and she’s an Alicorn like Celestia and Luna!

      And because of that, she’s also a princess... or at least she was.

  7. Spike needs more love and appreciation. First off, his design is adorable. Not just puppy Spike, but also dragon Spike, too. If I had to say what got me to start really liking Spike, I'd say it had to be how he was in EQG. He was treated with a lot more respect and dignity by the writers(and the characters) than he was in the show at that point, with the exception of a few episodes in season 2. After all, he is treated like a king by human Fluttershy. I really liked how he treated Sunset in Rainbow Rocks, and he actually got to help save the day in that movie too! This part really made me laugh. Here's just some cute pictures. I love Spike and Smolder's relationship. Smolder is such a great teacher for Spike and it opened up a lot of interesting possibilities for both Spike and Smolder. Spike got the best episode of season 6, The Times They are a Changeling, and one of my favorite Spike moments is the moment when Spike risks his reputation at the Crystal Empire to help Thorax. Ending with Spike hugs!
  8. Warning: The following spoiler tag contains absolute cuteness.  If you are sensitive to cuteness, look at your own risk.

















  9. Cozy's line from season 8 is my favorite because I felt like it was a perfect way to end the season and, since I didn't think we'd get to see Cozy again considering how long it took for Tirek to appear again and the fact that season 9 was going to be the last season, a good way to send Cozy off as well. It's really great, and gives off that sinister vibe that some of Cozy's other innocent-sounding lines do.
  10. I have a crush on Sunset Shimmer, and I think she would like me too.
  11. Rainbow Rocks and honestly for me the only other movie that came close to beating it would be Forgotten Friendship, and one of the reasons is the villains, in my opinion, the only good EQG villains would be Sunset(Yes I believe she was a good villain), the Dazzlings, and Principal Cinch, while the others were all either OK or awful(I'm looking at you two, Wallflower and Vignette). Also, any movie that features Sunset in a prominent role is probably going to get some character bias points from me.
  12. How do you feel about Pinkie's friendships, since she's friends with pretty much, if not all of Ponyville.