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  1. Dawn-Sunlight

    Hug a user!

    Hugs @DivineHeart1000 back.
  2. I used to have a dog, her name was Margot, and she was a doberman-rottweiler mix. She was really sweet. I'm going to continue to prove your point correct, I'm a cat person too. I just have things in the way of getting one.
  3. YES!  I just finished my OC!!!  Yay!  Time for bed.

  4. I never realized until now that I pretty much used to only interact with @GlimGlam when I was still fairly new to the forums.  It took me a while to open up my shell I guess.  Also, It surprised me just how many status updates I used to reply to, but that was in the summer when I had more time.

    1. Tacodidra


      It took you a while to be confident, to really come out of your shell. :arethosehands:

      It took me months to start replying to statuses at all back when I joined... :adorkable: Yeah, it sounds weird now. :muffins:

  5. All of the users above me are in trouble for neglecting this thread(including myself).
  6. Working on my OC Dawn Sunlight, and despite her being me in the MLP and EQG worlds, has a completely made up backstory not parallel to mine at all.  Her father is really abusive, which is actually the opposite of my father, who is very loving and kind.  Although, I guess if her backstory was the same as my actual life, it would be rather boring. :adorkable:

    I've almost filled out all of the necessary requirements for the Create a Character thing on the forums, so Dawn's almost a character here! :yay:

    1. DivineDivine1000


      @Dawn-Sunlight Here’s an OC artwork someone made for me!


    2. Dawn-Sunlight


      Wow, that's really good, whoever drew that!

    3. DivineDivine1000


      @Dawn-Sunlight I called her Midnight Glow and she’s an Alicorn like Celestia and Luna!

      And because of that, she’s also a princess... or at least she was.

  7. Dawn-Sunlight

    Spike Fan Club

    Spike needs more love and appreciation. First off, his design is adorable. Not just puppy Spike, but also dragon Spike, too. If I had to say what got me to start really liking Spike, I'd say it had to be how he was in EQG. He was treated with a lot more respect and dignity by the writers(and the characters) than he was in the show at that point, with the exception of a few episodes in season 2. After all, he is treated like a king by human Fluttershy. I really liked how he treated Sunset in Rainbow Rocks, and he actually got to h
  8. Warning: The following spoiler tag contains absolute cuteness.  If you are sensitive to cuteness, look at your own risk.

















  9. Cozy's line from season 8 is my favorite because I felt like it was a perfect way to end the season and, since I didn't think we'd get to see Cozy again considering how long it took for Tirek to appear again and the fact that season 9 was going to be the last season, a good way to send Cozy off as well. It's really great, and gives off that sinister vibe that some of Cozy's other innocent-sounding lines do.
  10. I have a crush on Sunset Shimmer, and I think she would like me too.
  11. Rainbow Rocks and honestly for me the only other movie that came close to beating it would be Forgotten Friendship, and one of the reasons is the villains, in my opinion, the only good EQG villains would be Sunset(Yes I believe she was a good villain), the Dazzlings, and Principal Cinch, while the others were all either OK or awful(I'm looking at you two, Wallflower and Vignette). Also, any movie that features Sunset in a prominent role is probably going to get some character bias points from me.
  12. How do you feel about Pinkie's friendships, since she's friends with pretty much, if not all of Ponyville.
  13. What's wrong with the EQG Comic Holiday Special?

    Anyway, more spoilers for Holiday Unwrapped.


    Sunset's hair goes from this image.thumb.png.e004ed1cfc690f9f2456f2b007867a9e.png

    to this image.thumb.png.7abdc511be066cf63d5b7b71edf78de4.png

    And I don't understand why Sunset needs her hair changed if your not even going to make it consistent.  Why change it to begin with?


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    2. Dawn-Sunlight


      @DivineHeart1000: It's just something stupid that probably only bugs me, I just don't understand why it needed to be changed since it can be done in the original style.  She does have absolutely beautiful hair, though.

    3. DivineDivine1000


      @Dawn-Sunlight I'm sorry, but every time I see Sunset's hair, it makes me think of bacon! :nom:

    4. Dawn-Sunlight


      @DivineHeart1000: I never really saw the resemblance, personally, until people pointed it out, even now I have a hard time seeing it. :twi:

  14. Spoiler


    The Security Guard did end up getting his cat!

    In Let It Rain, he's cuddling it.


    I guess I will say that it's EQG season 2 spoilers in the above spoiler tag.

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    2. Dawn-Sunlight


      Oh, I'm sorry, I thought it had been long enough that I didn't need it, I will fix that, should I put a spoiler tag on anything EQG season 2 that isn't released on the official YouTube Channel?

    3. Miss


      That would be a good idea :D

    4. Dawn-Sunlight


      @Misscellanio: Thank you for making me aware of the fact that EQG season 2 still probably needs a spoiler tag for about half of it.

  15. Dawn-Sunlight

    Spike Fan Club

    Puppy Spike is so absolutely adorable.
  16. Goodnight, MLP Forums.


    1. DivineDivine1000


      @Dawn-Sunlight Good night my awesome friend! Luna will be there shortly to read you a bedtime story!


    2. Tacodidra


      Good night, my friend! :)

      Spike is adorable... ^_^

    3. Cash_In


      Sleep well!

  17. Dawn-Sunlight

    Sunset Shimmer Fan Club

    I think their hooves are in the shapes of hearts, that's why they're all doing that pose.
  18. Funny how sometimes everypony that you interact with on the forums is on at the same time as you and there's a new notification popping up on your screen like every 5 minutes, and sometimes there's no new notifications popping up on your screen because nopony you interact with and none of the topics you post on are very active at the moment.

  19. I admire the work that was put in for somepony's avatar to be their OC, and yours is moving! That's so cool! I also really like the color scheme of your OC, @Emerald Heart, and how cute it is.
  20. Dawn-Sunlight

    Gaming Any Pokémon fans?

    Favorite games would be the Jhoto games, both the originals and sequels. The originals had the best rival in Pokemon history, Silver, and also had an incredible post-game and really fun glitches to mess around with(Although I know glitches are not why people play a game, most of the time), and the remakes had some of the best features in Pokemon while retaining the amazing rival and post-game that Gold, Silver, and Crystal had. I also really like the 5th gen games, all of them take the #2 spot for me, BW and B2 and W2 all had incredible stories while having the best evil team and really goo
  21. image.png.9fe42b65b000c6abc310c34c1d534e9b.png

    All right, who's ready for the holidays?  Hey everypony, how's my sweater look?

    1. Dawn-Sunlight


      Sunset, it looks AMAZING!

    2. Dawn-Sunlight
  22. I see her as a toned down Sunset. Unfortunately for her, there's not much substance to her character since she was introduced in the very last episode of MLP as well as an episode that wasn't focused on her. She's a toned down Sunset for me, and while other ponies might see her as Twilight at the beginning of the show, in my opinion she was more against making friends than Twilight was.
  23. Spoiler

    The snowball fight in EQG Holiday Unwrapped was surprisingly dark, good, but dark, and when Sunset got hit by all those snowballs, one half of my internal feelings was going "She's fine, she's fine, she's fine, she's fine", and my other internal feelings half was freaking out and going, "SUNSET!!!!  SUNSET, ARE YOU OK?  SUNSET!  SUNSET!  AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!  Also, yes, I am a little mad at Applejack for insulting Sunset/Sunset's video games like that, it's called character bias, me thinks I may have a little too much of it, eh, whatever.

    Spoilers for EQG Holiday Unwrapped above.

    1. Splashee


      I can't view it, I still have issues finding the episodes of Equestira Girls. Thanks for putting a spoiler on it!

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