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  1. #TDOV2020




    Happy Trans Day everybody! 

  2. Well after being in this fandom for 2 years, time to finally watch the show! I know what to skip already, lol.

  3. Who else grew up with G3?

    1. CypherHoof 🐎

      CypherHoof 🐎

      I didn't even know G4 existed until twi already had wings....

  4. How the hell does anybody like Justin Bieber's song 'Yummy'?? Its trash!

    (Not hating on the people, hating on the song)

    1. Mirage


      I have not heard it...but my expectations are not high. :3


  5. "What are you? An idiot sandwich."
  6. This hurt that I'm holding's getting heavyBut I'ma keep a smile on my shoulders 'til I'm sweatyBegging on my kneesScreamin', someone come and help meBut by the time they're thereI've already hid the body
  7. Any Fire Emblem: Three Houses fans out there? :)


    1. DivineBeauty1000


      @Sweet Scoop The only reason I know anything about Fire Emblem is through Smash Bros.!

    2. Mirage


      It looks cool!

  8. Everyone's so soft, everyone's so sensitive Do I offend you? You're hanging on my sentences You can keep your costume and you can keep your mask I'ma take a bow so you can kiss my ass I never signed up for your drama Up for your drama, up for your drama club I never signed up for your drama Up for your drama club They try to feed you lines that you have to memorize You always hide behind your Wizard of Oz disguise Do you even have a brain? You're sticking to a page You're faking all your pain, yeah, you're bleeding on a stage
  9. I felt like this was the right part of the site for this?

    im coming out, as biromantic asexual. Not that id tell family irl since half of my family is christian and y’all know how that goes.

    just thought id share since im a part of the community:)

    thanks for reading.

  10. Anyone else loving Melanie Martinez's album K-12?

    1. SpittyPie2005⚡️⚡️



  11. I like my tendency to get sick right on the last day of vacation :/ 

    lol, how’re yall?

    1. EpicEnergy


      I hope you get better soon! :kindness:

      Also, I'm not having a good day myself, I'm not sick but I just haven't been feeling good today.

    2. TheRockARooster


      @Sweet Scoop

      Get well soon, my friend. ^^
      I’m really happy to see you again.


  12. Good morning, how are people?

    1. TotallyNyx


      Good morning Scoop. :)

  13. Hey, um everyone who knows me. Won’t be very active because of something last night I can’t talk about. The most active I’d be is responding to messages if I message/anyone messages me. Have a good week y’all!