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  1. yeah and my school's prom was shit I feel like the 40 year old DJ played his own music the afterparty was fun tho
  2. who cares dude, keanu is a cool guy, there are better things to be upset about
  3. league and overwatch just make me unhappy tbh elo hell is real and is perpetuated by idiots who I'm pretty sure are playing with their monitor turned off
  4. 7/10 better than most christmas songs
  5. i'm gonna have madeon's new album on repeat for the next few months

    oml every song on it is amazing

  6. my name is paige apparently it's derived from greek and means "young helper"
  7. don't be a cunt thanks for listening to my ted talk
  8. the fact that espresso martinis are even slightly popular at my work is amazing because they taste like bath water with coffee flavouring red wine is also terrible; I can at least stomach shiraz but merlot and cab sauv are disgusting JD and jim beam are both disgusting no matter what you mix them with (now that I think about it, I don't really like any bourbons) scotch is also gross (looking at red label) some people apparently like mixing midori and coke and it just makes me wonder what happened in their life for them to make such a horrible decision black russians are inferior to white russians like why tf would you not want to mix kahlua with milk?? in australia, tooheys new and victoria bitter are two really popular beers and I have no fucking clue how as for non-alcoholic drinks, idk how people like lemonade
  9. I really like the new look. Not so sure about the "hilarious 'slice of life' stories that modern kids can relate to" but we'll see.
  10. dr. pepper isn't widely sold in australia, so imma go with mountain dew