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  1. Charlie is my favourite Hazbin Hotel character. ^^

    1. Photon Jet

      Photon Jet

      She's my favorite too. It's like she shares the same personality as I do.

  2. oi oi oi imma guess u probably have the same accent as mine
  3. I have a really general Australian accent like it's not too regional but not too posh either. I really like English accents
  4. I feel like I joined the fandom too late
  5. i have no motivation to do anything productive and my exams are next week

    me going over all my poorly written notes:


  6. i'd prefer him to be taller than me, which ain't hard since i'm short af
  7. my dad would kill me if he knew my political views, he's very nationalistic and anti-globalist so idk how I turned out so opposite to him
  8. yeah and my school's prom was shit I feel like the 40 year old DJ played his own music the afterparty was fun tho
  9. who cares dude, keanu is a cool guy, there are better things to be upset about