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  2. "There is always a good and a bad thing about everything."
  3. Oh it's fine. I was just needing a musician for my project ^^ Really? Do you think I can find someone? 🤔
  4. Well, we are currently needing a game programmer, a musician and a artist O.o
  5. "O-Oh of course. How could I forget? Well thank you for your time but I shall go. Sorry!" *Trots away embarrassed*
  6. "No, u-um y-you see, I a-actually really want to have friends for a while since I never met my parents. When I was a foal, I tried making friends but nopony wanted to. I mean I don't blame, since I have no knowledge when it comes to friendship and being e-emotional. And when I heard about six mares defeating threats in Equestria, part of me really wanted to be friends with you all, but then I thought I would be a bother being with you six, so I've just decided to study and never make friends again."
  7. "Huh? Are you s-serious? Um, you not going to be f-f-friends with m-me or anything?"
  8. Hello everyone! Me and some of my friends are working on a project that I had in mind for a while, and that is My Little Love! The project is a simulator game based on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, where you get to create a original character and explore Equestria, along with meeting some recognizable characters along the way. The project is currently needing some help for the development, so if your interested in helping with the project, just add me on Discord and I'll tell you more details about the project (the tag is in my profile bio btw ^^). I hope you all are looking forward to the project!
  9. "Sounds fine to me. Again, sorry aboht what I said. It's just that... umm... I actually don't have any friends. But don't worry, I've been doing pretty well by myself, so I guess that's something to be proud of, huh? Wait, why am I saying this? Um, forget that I said anythig."
  10. "Oh, I understand. It is common for ponies to make that mistake. Now that you know, you can recognize the error on other ponies, so it's not tok bad. But I'm still feeling ashamed that I made a little uncomfortable, and I would like to repay you for what I did if you allow me to."
  11. "Y-yeah. Um, why are you crying if I may ask? Did I say something that offended you. If so, I'm really sorry, and I'll make sure I'll repay for my somehow rudeness."
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  13. 5 . 10 . 20 + 50000 . 9 + 441000 . 2 - 800 = 1000000
  14. "Heh, your right. W-wait, f-friend? I'm sorry, but I'm afraid that, technically speaking, your not exactly my friend and neither am yours, because both of us have never met of shared any interactions that can be considered 'friendly' before. I believe the correct term your talking about is an 'acquaintece', which is different from the term 'friend'. I'm afrakd that's common sense what I said, so forgive me."