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  1. My little pony has made a few songs so what is your favorite? If you need to you can put multiple. Personally I kinda like most of the equestria girls songs but they actually tie with Flawless for my favorite (I can't help it mlp songs are good)
  2. Whats your favorite non-pony species in mlp?
  3. Thanks to The Gift of Maud Pie we know the whole unique senses thing runs in the family but Pinkie and Maud don't both have the same kinda so it is believable that Marble pie and Limestone pie wouldn't have something to similar to Pinkie sense or Maud sense what do you think they have
  4. which out of the the likable dragons on the show do you like most?
  5. Whats your favorite member of the student six? I like Ocellus and Gallus the most personally
  6. I think the episode is good and I like the moral we all have moments where we are too blunt so to me it was only a matter of time before Applejack got too blunt seeing as she is the element of honesty.
  7. Like how Rainbow dash still needs lessons on being humble, Twilight needs to stop freaking out, Rarity is a drama queen and so on and so forth
  8. What’s your favorite mane 6 sibling for me I like Maud
  9. What is your favorite ruler in the show? Yes you can say Thorax, Lord Sombra or rulers other then the alicorns but you can choose a alicorn if you wish.
  10. I heard some people dislike Fluttershy's development because it feels like she keeps needing to relearn lessons which makes sense to me you don't just triumph your negative traits once and suddenly never have to deal with them again.
  11. I heard of how controversial it was and I wanna know your thoughts on it all