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  1. 2009 The greatest pop album of all time was released that year Plus I discovered something about myself that year that pretty much changed my entire future and put a lot of what happened in my childhood in to context. (The fact that I'm trans)
  2. There are tons of no changes absolutists out there, as in, get to Naxx and then keep the game as-is. They pop up in my server's LFG/world chat every so often.
  3. I have a few. Dark Souls 2 is the best game in the Souls series and Dark Souls 3 would've been immensely better if it hadn't gutted so many of the improvements it had made Battlefield 4 actually turned out to be the best game in the series despite its lackluster launch The no changes crowd in WoW Classic are ignorant if they expect the game to last long after phase 6. Classic+ or TBC (or both, hopefully) are necessary for its lifespan. And of course the most long-winded one: People criticize Fallout 4 for its main story but forget how weak and lackluster Fallout NV's story was. Like 4, NV was entirely carried by its side quests, DLC, and cast. Fallout 1, 2, and 3 all had interesting and unique main storylines and 2 and 3 had a wealth of interesting side content as well. Fallout NV really shines as a sandbox RPG and Fallout 4 really shines as a survival game, and with the right mods, Fallout 4 is a much more enjoyable experience overall than Fallout NV. My boyfriend prefers Civ 4 but agrees that Civ 5 is probably still better as a game, the Civ series just isn't his cup of tea.
  4. Trump is an enigma. There's just so much about him that I don't understand. How can a man so glaringly incompetent still be so adored? How can his supporters seemingly ignore or defend every controversy he's been involved in? Why do people still seem to think he's making this country great when he's one of the single most divisive presidents this country has seen? It's astounding to me how his supporters can brush off all criticism and continue to blindly support him in spite of all the damage he's causing.
  5. Intuition, usually. The same intuition that told me I should take a break from classic WoW when I was getting in to some unhealthy habits.
  6. I'm one of those basic bitches that put hundreds of hours in to MW2 and BO2 and nothing else. Well, okay, I've played every CoD up until BO2 quite extensively and even dabbled in BO3 and 4, but MW2 and BO2 are the most popular ones for a reason. They're quite good! So they're the only ones I've played past prestige 1. I hope MW4 can manage to capture the magic of MW1's campaign and MW2's multiplayer. Looks like it'll do that and more so far. I've been waiting years for a new Modern Warfare title and I'm super excited to finally have one! If anyone feels like playing MW2 or BO2 with me HMU. I much prefer MW2 but I could play either.
  7. Mine's a 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee. It's served me well and I hope it can continue to do so for many years to come.
  8. Nostalgia is a bittersweet feeling, bitter because you'll never relive it but sweet because you'll never forget it. I don't want to get rid of the bitter if it also means getting rid of the sweet.
  9. All part of the classic wow experience! You're just making me more excited for it
  10. From all human beings? Hate. It's the one we need the least at this point.
  11. Interesting how 2010 isn't even an option! I started at the tail end of season 1 though. Interesting how I managed that considering how poorly it's aged.
  12. Sam Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy. The first 2 are great and the last one is so terrible it's actually a great joy to watch, but it's also really campy and screams early 2000s, not to mention the acting was quite terrible for the most part. It's a lot harder to appreciate now than it was back then. And for entirely different reasons, Logan. It's quite depressing and harrowing for a "superhero" film but it was amazing nonetheless.
  13. Fairbanks alliance here Be cool if there was a MLPforums guild of some sort, though I don't know if I'd actually end up joining it. Can't wait to lose my character for /spitting on horde scum
  14. You can't even give ponies magical sex changes in MLP. The makeover mage only charges 3k for that kind of paltry magic.
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