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  1. AcePony

    Gaming World of Tanks

    I just never get around to playing anymore. Not enough free time. Hell, hardly have enough time for ponies as well. Btw, hellsing rocks. Seras masterrace.
  2. I don't see anything wrong with that name. If anything, the phonetic sounds similar to "terror" and stuff of the sort. You might be a very intimidating pony! xD
  3. There aren't any with my name spelling for hundreds of miles. The phonetic is unique, and it's easy as hell for me to read
  4. I think it's great. The Japanese brought the rest of the world Anime, we should share our cartoons for the betterment of everypony!
  5. AcePony

    Gaming World of Tanks

    True. Cool, I want to go to a tank museum in Germany. I went to one in the US, Illinois, last summer. They had a bunch of sweet pieces, a couple of M60s, and a M1 Abrams. They had some ancient pre-WW2 artillery pieces, y'know, the ones with big wheels. I'll try to upload some of em. It was cool cause you could climb all over them! I'll upload more of them after I get home tonight. I hope this appeases your fancies!
  6. AcePony

    Gaming World of Tanks

    Ah. I have lots of experience with being totally addicted to a game, then letting it settle and poof out(update) while I play another game. Then I hop back, and the nostalgic feels come back and I randomly switch on my pro-ness. That's a good little quote right there. I've been playing Battlefield Heroes, P4F, and BF3 since the closed betas. Yep, they were fun as hell. It just wore off because of the multiple hacks that ruined the fun, and after a while it just didn't seem fun anymore.
  7. AcePony

    Gaming World of Tanks

    I'm going to be honest. I haven't played the game in over two weeks. I just haven't found the time, and the novelty is wearing off. It's just not as addictable as it was before, maybe because I was forced not to play by vacation?
  8. Whoop his rump. Haha, that is a coincidence though. There are a bunch of male/female names that I can't stand. No offense to you all, but there are a bunch of; Sam Pat Jess Logans Dylans Alex Dan These are ones that I don't like. I'm sorry if I offend, but I know both a female and male with each of these names. It's difficult to explain; I just can't put my tongue on why I don't like 'em.
  9. I know [of] three Averys. They're getting more common at Catholic Prep schools. No joke. I see em all the time. I think Pointdexter is flipping badass. It's unusual, but it's a cool name. If you read my prior posts, I point out how I wanted to be named something really sick, such as Maximus, Otto, Napoleon, Charlemagne, or waitforit.... ADOLF. Fritz is also a great name too. xD
  10. Agreed. That's why I don't remember anything. I MUST be dreaming, or I'm a very light sleeper. Before New Years', I didn't remember a dream for a couple months. I don't think I did, but then once I came back, I started having the weirdest dreams... I didn't know I could drive a bullldozer or an 18 wheeler. That's the thing, my mind must subconsciously know some things. I know the layout of helicopters and planes due to flight simulators, with all the little buttons and all. The 18 wheelers had a massive wheel and a bunch of buttons, but somehow I could still drive... I remember the dreams
  11. My dreams aren't like that. When I do dream, they're weird, violent, and action packed(firearms, zombies, and vehicles) I have no idea why. I haven't had a good dream in about 3 months, and if I did dream in that span I don't remember it.
  12. My body? I feel old and decrepid, but I'm still here, young and all. Nah, seriously though, I have some civil war bullets. Still work, can probably still kill a guy if I throw them hard enough.
  13. AcePony

    Gaming World of Tanks

    I'm actually getting better with TD. I used to always play heavy, so I had the brawling mindset. Instead of rushing into battle and dying in a TD, I put myself in a conservative mentality and try to not get hit. My damage dealt ratio is steadily rising, no joke. Now I have realized that I can not only do my homework while I'm camping in a TD, but I can literally go outside for a minute or two with my wireless headset.
  14. Anypony have the name Otto or Napoleon? Or Maximilian or Charlemagne or something really fuckin' epic like that? That's be awesome. Any adolfs?
  15. AcePony

    Gaming World of Tanks

    Haven't tried the test server yet, actually. The reason I don't really like it is because; 1) Being twoshot by tier 5 and below is much better than being oneshot, more chance to survive 2) Even though it's a little bit, it still is something, might make the hummel less fun for ME 3) It's fine as it is. Sure, it's the best tier 5 arty, but they all equal out in the higher tiers Blllaarrgg
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