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  1. In my oppion any Flim Flam episode is a best one, but did Flim and Flam KNOW Twilight was going to snoop around, I guess that makes sense, seeing ITS FLIM AND FLAM Also they have the best songs
  2. so if the nightmare, can cause damage to her Sicie then who helped them before Nightmare moon was defeated
  3. Merry Birthiversary!

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      Well the anniversary of your birth. And this forum kinda goes by the earliest timezone, so it may have been a little head. 

    3. Helpful Hoof

      Helpful Hoof

      ok welp Im still new to this commuity/IDK what anything is, But im gping not be on for a week,  cause im going to Minocqua WI

      (theres no pony reverance to that Right)

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      Well it's good to have you on board. 

      Minocqua. That's way up north. Never been that far. 

      I live all the way down in Waukesha. 

  4. I saw a profile that rank was Banished, how does that happen
  5. Hello and welcome 

  6. How many posts do you need for different ranks, like me getting to my Unicorn, also is there a way to be an Alicorn
  7. um hiw do you get to the Fluttershy fan page
  8. Helpful Hoof


    I have so may thought on MLP and now I can finaly share them
  9. does anypony else think of the connections of the core 4 movies how they all connect and need each other because without just one the story will completely be whacked up? ok so the first one well that's easy throwing away sunsets dark side, the second one Rainbow rocks well-giving sunset shimmer the pony up and also giving sunset the book/connection to Twilight and portal to come and go, Whenever. then the friendship game you'd think that it just for the Sci-Twi to come yes but also for the geodes did you guys watch the end of everfree, then of course Everfree was Twilights time to shine and stop thinking she's bad but its also for the geodes to come into the rainbooms possession. so did I leave anything out let me know, please.
  10. Has Anypony other than me noticed the starlight glimmer and Sunset are the ONLY one there is no duplicate of, I believed that's because the BOTH represent the 7th element forgiveness there is 7 but the 2 are connected and they are each other duplicate? does anyone understand where I'm coming from
  11. I believe its the fact that they represent the connection she got with her friends when she got her cutie mark it means the magic of friendship since they all got their cutie marks at the same time Twilight was Sparked into the elements cause did you notice the sixth element was her cutie mark even before they controlled the elements, and Celestia must have noticed that as well