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  1. My favorite is @Rikifive's drawing of huge piles of rainbow dash brohoofs, as I am always thinking about cupcakes..... Okay I am not. But it is hilarious!
  2. I never touched Sonic Blast. It have heard terrible things! The Master System had some crazy difficult hardware limitations, like not being allowed to scroll vertically. I know that Game Gear probably fixed this, but I feel Sonic 1 (which was first written for Master System) had a disadvantage from the beginning. The music composer for Sonic 1 MS/GG was Yuzo Koshiro, that later got famous for the Street of Rage series music.
  3. Young man!



    The character design of this guy, is amazing! :ticking: And Christopher Sabat voice as well :wau:


    1. Bakugou is my Man

      Bakugou is my Man

      HEY! You started it! WOO DAMN you got an epic ride ahead!

      I love All Might. He is awesome 💕


    2. Splashee®


      I'm on season 2 episode "somewhere in the games". I really enjoyed Season 1 a lot, but I am worried for how Season 2 is going... But I am sure it won't be a problem in the long run.


      All Might in his thin form has one of the coolest eyes I have ever seen. And when he laughs blood, it is somewhat hilarious and scary at the same time!

    3. Bakugou is my Man

      Bakugou is my Man


      No worries. I can promise you that S2 will still be good. S3 is where things get really good though. You can send me a PM anytime and we talk endlessly about MHA! I WILL GLADLY 🙏


  4. I like trying to accept things, and learn new things. But that is still far from accepting love and tolerance
  5. I think you need to take your time with your pets before they can trust you to give them food. An example, my ducks are not accepting petting, or hugs. Some animals don't like you stepping into their "bubble". But when it comes to food, they do allow exceptions to this
  6. Parents are odd though. I like MLP but if I became a parent, I would have to shift my focus and like having kids that play with MLP toys and watch MLP, and not try to take that for myself
  7. It is also the unique levels Bridge Zone and Jungle Zone that have very cool designs and music. And Labyrinth Zone has a really dark theme and music to it which I love as well. The game is a huge inspiration to me, and I am very picky when it comes to Sonic games, and almost always choose the official games... So I would only accept Sonic 1 for Genesis if I was completely strict, but I am not. As for Sonic Chaos, it is looking like they tried everything to makes it look and feel like Sonic 2 for Genesis, but it doesn't have anything that I can relate to.
  8. @ExplosionMare is a broccoli tree!
  9. We'll have a gay old time!
  10. I am over thinking again. A problem that I will probably never adjust. I am a "over thinkier"
  11. I feel really tired, because it is 8 in the morning, and I haven't gone to bed yet!
  12. Did it have to do with the whole smoking commercials?
  13. There are media, and then there are "media". I don't know which one to trust anymore
  14. At least they are always keeping Youtube fresh and new. Though I think it is more important to keep new videos coming, instead of making changes to what you are used to
  15. I wonder what else people are willing to do for a Dr Pepper?