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  1. That is even more interesting than I first imagine. So i don't know much about the country side of Japan, other than watching the Anime "My Neighbor Totoro" which captures a nice part of the nature, buildings, weather. I love it! I am not a city person myself, and I'm living on a farm, on the country side.
  2. Yea, I guessed that. There are also other interesting things about you, like how you became a print model. Did it start our early in your life? (I probably should ask all these things in your Ask thread, you might already have answers in there). You have access to Japan in a way that is so fascinating to me (because you are an American, that is a direct access for me and others to talk about it). You don't have to be good at the language. It is so much more than that!
  3. Okay, Bunny time! I made it to 400 posts, mainly thanks to the management switching badges so I didn't have to look at myself as a Squirrel.

    But I rather wait for @Xeltor before moving on. It doesn't feel right to run away from him. But anything to not be a Squirrel.


    I wish the Bunny was an "Evil Bunny", who agrees?

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    2. Sparklefan1234


      @Splashee Congratulations, My Friend! :LunaMCM:

    3. RainbowDashFan124


      I'm a Muffin what can i say XD

    4. Xeltor


      Usually bunnies are for eating ; so I won’t go to bunny :orly: 

  4. Any particular moment, a panel, or anything that I should watch? (Any Youtube video around?). I feel like I might have missed something fun or interesting about the show. I don't know where to start looking though.
  5. @Jess S. I know this has been done before, but if you made a Youtube video walking around Tokyo, showing stuff, talking about how you got there..... A vblog maybe. I would totally watch that! (I don't know how possible it is to walk around in public with a video camera talking, but I have seen it before).
  6. I can swear the tail was inspired from a Pokemon, only I went through all of them afterwards as quickly as I could trying to find a match, but I failed. It's weird, where did that tail design come from then, surely not my own brain? Many of the design choices are inspired from different Manga, Anime, etc (some are obvious, some are less). The tail was one of the last things I designed, and it was kinda difficult to figure out what style would fit the rest of the pony. I just looked at myself in the mirror, basically. Added some extra crazy Anime hair. Voila ! Thank you for your comments, it means a lot!
  7. @Lord Valtasar, yes, sounds good. You are kinda in charge of the story at the moment (no pressure). I backed off when I noticed I was controlling you all too much. Also, I have all time in the world to wait on the story so don't feel pressure!
  8. It is incredible to watch an artist grow and learn more. I joined here to share my art, but I am taking more time looking at other artists and how fun they are having! It's so much inspiration!
  9. @Emerald<3 cannot be spoiled on anything Season 9 (she's waiting for Netflix) I just watched episode 17 a few hours ago, it was amazing and I was really scared for a moment that it would change something in our RP. @Lord Valtasar, if you can find a way to not spoil anything but still keep it somewhat official, go ahead. It shouldn't be too damaging to know a little bit more about Canterlot, I think
  10. Quote

    From your "About Me" page: so I apologize if I'm weird or suddenly disappear

    Hi there! Nice to meet you! I have been here for 2 months now, and I have never felt like I had to run away. This is a very friendly and accepting place. Feel free to say hi to everyone in Welcome Plaza

    1. LemonLavender


      That's very reassuring-thank you again! That sounds like a wonderful idea. :kindness:

    2. Splashee


      I was quite insecure about this place when I joined. It took 3 weeks for me to make my first post after I made an account. Now I can't stop being here. :mlp_icwudt:

  11. Your drawings are fantastic! I want to see more!
  12. "She's not my mother, Todd!"
  13. I have cleaned my house, prepared to have visitors tomorrow. Bronies in fact!
  14. Sadly no. There are a couple of shows and Anime that I wish I could dream about, but the stories and characters are very difficult to get into, making a dream pretty far fetched in my realistic world!