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  1. Yay! What a lovely dance pose! Good job @chaosprincess! You can get away with less characters if you add a quote. The quote from the previous post counts as characters as well!
  2. Looks good! Buggo eyes are not needed. You did a good job!
  3. 86% dark chocolate. It has more fat than sugar.
  4. Is that something you learned from the comics? I don't know what Cadance was before becoming a princess.
  5. Local time is 16:30. And I am about to startup my day!
  6. "A Book About the One who Thought he was the one and realized that he was just one of many" Often abbreviated "BAOTHWORHJOM" or variants of that.
  7. Probably not on the same level as Friendship Is Magic. I would not be surprised if people stick a G4.5 title on it. But we will wait and see. I think the animation might be interesting, if it animates that is.
  8. It was Spikey-Wikey, the world record holder of Metroid Zero Mission. Mayonnaise is definitely top 10 on the danger list!
  9. I don't want to be 100% masculine, nor 100% feminine. Does that mean I want to be 50/50?
  10. I like waffles that are just perfectly crunchy and fresh, with whipped cream and jam
  11. Sound tasty though Not by themselves, or together.
  12. I feel like there's a wonderful day for pie!
  13. I have no idea. If there is a consplayer fandom? I mostly think about females when I see the word cosplay.
  14. Yea, I consider myself good. If I need to be. Still looking to improve though!
  15. All I can think of is how expensive that animation was, just to get through to the joke... Jesus!
  16. Where would I be if FIM was not animated in Flash? That's a better question. I wouldn't be here if the show was animated like MLP The Movie. And I wouldn't be here if the show was 3D. I would be at the next big thing... Maybe FNAF, Undertale, or Steven Universe?
  17. Lauren Faust forced friendship. They are all so different, and they seem to not have time for each other's interests at all. Making it most unlikely they would be friends to begin with.
  18. Oh, those are in fact disgusting!
  19. Season 1: CMCs. As soon as they start searching for their cutie marks, they start building the Mane 6's past for us as well. There were so much potential here. Sweetie Belle was going to become the best singer of them all, I just knew it! Season 2: The season of Discord, Read it and Weep, and the Wedding. This is the season of the Bronies. There was nothing that stopped people from becoming Bronies. MLP was no longer for kids! Season 3: Babs Seed's awesome music video song. And Sleepless In Ponyville. And of course the line "That's because she is a Princess." Season 4: Maud. The Pony Tones. And the Twilight vs Tirek DBZ battle. Season 5: Lyra and Bonbon bumping butts. "'Cause the ultimate reward is a cutie mark!". Rara. Luna being vulnerable dreaming about sheep. Starlight Glimmer OP bada*s facial expressions. Season 6: Rainbow Dash being relatable and Stranger Than Fan Fiction. Twilight sweep game. Spike getting a good episode.... No two episodes! Season 7: Rock Solid Friendship! A Royal Problem! Discordant Harmony! The Perfect Pear! Fame and Misfortune! Season 8: Only one, but it stands out: Kirin! Season 9: Top episode for me, of all seasons: Frenemies!
  20. I am training to draw Anime characters in my free time, but they need to be able to look as menacing as this:


    1. Kujamih


      Thats easy

  21. Toy Story for Sega Genesis. It was so frustrating controls, and the lives were limited. Always had to spend 20 minutes to get to the part where you lost all your lives, and had to restart from the beginning:
  22. I haven't had it. Pretty much 100% sure. I have not had any cold symptoms for over a year now.
  23. Got into "pony" in this context means FIM. I was already into MLP before FIM, so I would probably be there somewhere-ish. Maybe on a different forum for MLP?
  24. Sunblock with built in mosquito poison.