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  5. Stormlight is a sweet, innocent, and mature young mare who almost always hang around with Ire Heaven, her strict but good-at-heart companion and childhood friend. Most of Ponyville liked her for her personality despite there are rumors about her being the bat pony princess, she would always go out with a smile, even going to the park to go on a picnic randomly and letting anyone nearby get a sandwich.

    But she hides a dark secret and what is her secret?

    We begin our investigation by focusing on Ire first.

    Ire Heaven is a very strict, aggressive mare, she is older than Stormlight, and would hurt anyone with giving a second chance, but she would also like a mothery figure to the young mare, they live just next door, and acts like a bodyguard, willing to hurt anyone who seeks to hurt Stormlight. This is because of their past. But that wasn't related to the secret the young mare is hiding.

    There is another reason why Ire almost always walking along with her, ire knows her friend's secret but will never tell anyone anout it even if someone broke through her 'shell'.

    However, when Stormlight becomes anyry, Ire would become nervous and scared of her, that's kinda suspicious, don't you agree?

    Remember how i describe her as being a sweet, matured, innocent young mare? What if that wasn't the only personality traits she had? What if there's a part of her hidden inside her?

    There's only one thing that could possibly reveal her secret: how about taking away Ire Heaven from her? How about Ire is taken away right in front of her and someone else who is capable of fighting but is too chicken to engage? How will she approach that pony when she heard someone bad happened to Ire?

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  7. She'll only resort to cannibalism when she's desperate, her views on ponies are neutral which means she would either be neighborly of them or hunt them, she also likes pony blood.
  8. Have your wolves ever met Fluttershy? Hey, maybe you should meet Crimson, she's good at hunting and being stealthy.
  9. Would you eat a Wonderbolt (If you ever knew them), what do you think of bat ponies, and do you have any plans to find the ones who killed your parents?
  10. Hey Wolf Tracks, do you atleast have any knowledge about the changeling invasion of Canterlot?
  11. “Hey, i am not like that character!”
  12. Crimson, Stormlight's older sister.


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