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  1. Rebuilt my desktop computer, got new glasses, went grocery shopping... and that made me tired as heck lol
  2. I love the name Elijah and would love to use it as my own, but it's not at all common where I live and that comes with lots of mispronunciations and misspellings. And also the fact that everyone already knows me as Chris, it'll just be weird for people to have to get used to a completely different name.
  3. Feeling very tired. This has been a very tiring week. I've been way more social than I can mentally handle. There's been so much going on. This weekend I really need to relax.
  4. Hello. Call me Rocky. I've been watching the show since 2015 but haven't really interacted much with the community yet. Decided to finally join a forum to meet other bronies. I'm in season 8 as I haven't been watching many new episodes the last few years (On my local netflix there's only up to season 7 so I've watched those on repeat instead). I'm trying to catch up on it now. It feels great having many unseen episodes to enjoy. Aside from this forum, what other ways do you like to interact with the community or show your love to mlp? Any fun apps or games? I don't know, I just want to be more involved with the show besides just watching it and listening to the soundtrack.