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  2. @Emerald Heart (Oops) Sundae raised an eyebrow “You are not much a talker aren't you?” she asked “I... I understand. I got too much talking sometimes” she lowered her head and snorted. She lifted her head and looked at Fable “Say, do you want some ice cream?” she asked.
  3. @Blitz Boom Quill gasped “G-Going back!? I-I'll agree to take you to that place, but i won't going there again! I almost loose my the moment i tried to leave!” it was a very bad experience for her, that ghost wanted to harm her for unknown reasons “j-just don't let me harmed , and tell I'm not Razor!” she then turn and glared at Windy “Urgh, why would i have to deal with this? It's not even my problem anymore” Quill then sighed “I'll go get some bandages just in case” she then went inside her bedroom. She wanted to decline but Sorrow was right, they had to 'save' her neighbor who has turned against her, and everyone. Windy stared at the door before turning to Sorrow “I'm very sorry for her disrespect. I didn't even expect that to happen”
  4. @Samurai Equine 🔥🔥 Shadow grimaced when Samurai touched her hoof, but she didn't draw back her hoof “Thanks... Sam” she said “I'm still very thankful for your help when i arrived to this town. I would have starved to death if it wasn't for you”
  5. She looks beautifully young. I'm going to give Atomisk another request for Shadow Trail later.
  6. Wow, it's so beautiful! Thank you very much! You are now in my friend list!
  7. @Blitz Boom Quill gave both Windy, and Sorrow a look of concern “It's at Lemon St in the suburbs, and yes, I'm involved in this... ghost incident” she said “unfortunately, that place was closed due to the ghost you mentioned. I was the first one to go, but one by one, neighbors began to move out from that area. I don't know why, but they probably experience what i experienced” “Your experience?” Windy parroted. “Yes, Wonderbolt Windy. 1 month after Autumn Rake's passing, I heard somepony crying. Me and my neighbors visited her and Razor Beak's house... and we found a discovery” she explained. “the house was in a disarranged. Everything was a mess as if a tornado just pass by. All the furnitures Autumn, and Razor owned are damaged, and some even destroyed. We could still hear the wailing inside, but we found nopony” she paused before continuing “2 days later after that. Cracks began to appear on our windows, the candles go off during nighttime, things getting tossed by the ghost... It was enough for me to move from that cursed place. From the rumors i've heard from my neighbors, ponies living there fared no better, one of houses in Lemon St even burst in flames. It was still under investigation by the city guards”