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  1. @Blitz Boom Windy decided to ignore the restaurant now started to change nonetheless she still felt uncomfortable. She cringed when she heard a crack from Autumn after talking to them. Seriously, she had read many horror fictions and she is still fazed by this. After Sorrow spoke to Autumn, the latter suddenly collapsed her her rump as Razor vanished along with all the occupants. She began to mutter words “Choke... play... Razor... Mourn...” she cowered as if in pain, then something happened. After yelling out the word “HATRED!!” Windy is blinded by a white flash. She swore she heard the sound of flamed but when she opened her eyes, she and Sorrow now stood in a completely charred building. Everything was dark and gloomy once again. The vision has ended. She spotted one of possessed ponies, a filly writing a huge 'Unforgiven' on the already vandalized street. A was laying beside Sorrow. If read, it says the names and shows pictures of ten ponies and one griffon. Autumn was among them and has a large X drawn on her picture along with the others.
  2. Won a game in Town of Salem as the investigator. 

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      I actually thought more about as a boardgame tbh, such as clues or scotland yard.

  3. She might look like a teacher, but i assure you she's a student.


  4. Shadow and Keen went out of the arcade after a several minutes of playing some games, both have smiles on their faces. “That was so fun” Shadow said. “I know right? Having to play as somepony as cool as Zapp is so cool!” Keen agreed. There was a shopping bag balanced on her back. They won two plushie for the amount of tickets they received “So, where you want to go next?” “The library!” @Buck Testa “How rude” “Did this colt's parents touch him good manners?” “Is he calling us slaves?” “Why did even Ms. Delight want to adopt a colt like him. I couldn't imagine how much damage he'll cause to the house” Sundae's servants whispered to each other, however, this was heard by the latter, who gave them a slight frown, telling them to stop. Seeing this, Server said “Let Sundae and our new master talk about this matter by themselves” the servants nodded. The servants, including Server herself leave Sundae and Boulder. Thud! Sundae's rump hit the ground. Boulder had shouted at her. Should she become angry? Punish him for his disrespect? Throw him out the street? No she mentally shook her head to rid of the negative thoughts going around her head Maybe he is thinking about my servants, the mares and stallions that I'm forced to give them jobs she decided to stay sitting on the carpet “Boulder, do you want to talk about something?” she asked. Her voice was a little shaky and fragile, which she tried not to show “Y-You can get out of the house if you want some fresh air or if you want to... run away and stay with Shadow and Keen at their apartment” she fought the urge to let out a tear, she slightly lowered her eyebrows, she bit her mouth, she was starting to shake a little as she fought not to cry.
  5. Hooray! I'm very glad I've been chosen to be Spitfire. Thank you so much, @DivineLover1000!
  6. Did you go through this :ooh: ?



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      @WWolf cause our captain says so. 

  7. @Blitz Boom “We have to-” Windy was interrupted by the building started to shake “What in the hay?” at first, she thought this was a work of an outbreak, however, she looked around her, and no one seem to be affected by shake, including Razor, who approached Autumn. “Autumn, we have to go” his voice was dull, no emotions shown. Autumn raised her eyebrow. “But we just got here” she said. “I know. But the chefs informed me only meat are available right now” he lied, glancing at the door where he have been. She stood up, causing the floor to shake violently. Tables over topple, sending plates, glass, and food to the floor. Some part of the wall begin to crumble, revealing a burned wall. “Oh, what now!?” as if a cue, a part of the ceiling landed right in front of Windy. She yelped in surprise, glancing at Sorrow with fear. “Oh, okay. I guess I'll cook some water spinach today” she stood up with an expression that says she's disappointed that their time in the restaurant is wasted. She turn her head at Windy and Sorrow. Her orange eyes began to vanish, and her voice started to change “hElLO THeRE” she said “I HoPE yOUr FOashejisududwppxlxkskmxjxiwpzpxpcld” Then, she twisted her neck to look back at her husband, producing a crunch.
  8. For Twilight, she will immediately become interested and will ask someone for a book about the history of technology.
  9. Every time lunch break is announced in the Wonderbolts Academy, Windy would get food from the mess hall, especially one slice of blueberry cheesecake, then go outside and went to her favorate spot: one of the trees in the practice area. She lay on her back, brushing her mane into a manestyle she naturally had when she was young. As she looked at her favorate dessert, she heard hoofsteps. She turn and look at the pony who approached her. “Oh, hi Thunderlane” she said casually.
  10. Lucky Bolt, you're back! 

  11. Laikaboss :proud:

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  12. What does Windy eat during lunch break in the Wonderbolts Academy?


    Meh, who cares about mess halls anyway, when you can feel the wind outside? 

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