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  1. Arriving at the library, Shadow and Keen quietly went to the reference section. Keen was a little confused and asked the pegasus why she would go to the most 'boring' part of the library. It turns out, Shadow had a knack of reading histories. “History is very interesting, especially when you found out every major events in the place you live” she looked at the book and whispered to herself “I would ask the librarian why they have to put this book deeper into this bookshelf. Oblivious, to the pegasus, Nightmare Moon regained control of Keen, reaching out a hoof with a sinister look on her face, intending the cast a malicious spell on the former Shadowbolt. However, before she could do it, Shadow turn to look at her. Nightmare Moon quickly jerk Keen's hoof and made an innocent look, something which Shadow lift an eyebrow at her, but never gave her a question about it. She would have to cast that spell without Shadow's knowledge.

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    2. Bakugou is my Man

      Bakugou is my Man

      I remember when these videos were originally uploaded. Still funny.

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      'The sun is a deadly laser!' Shh, don't tell Celestia! :sunbutt:

    4. A French Derpy full of Salt
  3. @Blitz Boom Windy takes a closer look at the paper to make sure she wasn't seeing things. Her face had contorted into sympathy “I hope they aren't” she took notice of the only griffon the list, who was slightly concealed by a large green check. She immediately recognize him “Wait a minute, isn't that?” “Come to play with me?” Windy was interrupted by the filly, now looking at them with malice and hatred “I could give you both the most 'greatest game' you'll ever experience” the possessed filly went into a fighting stance, her grin stretching almost all the way to her ears. Windy took a step back.
  4. Now with Writer Rhyme in his finalized version.



    Windy: I made this! :ticking:

    Writer: I helped. :mlp_okiedokieloki:

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      Looks delicious! :grin:

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      That face... ^_^ Excellent drawing once again! :squee:

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      Just lookadat qut face :mlp_icwudt: . *honks Windy*

  5. Untitled397.thumb.jpg.d9a0b58f8ec44c84481c84150ad38869.jpg

    Windy: I made this! :ticking:

    Writer Rhyme: I helped :mlp_okiedokieloki:

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      A bloody blue berry cake

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  6. I don't know why but I suddenly like Star Hunter


  7. That is beautiful, mostly his wings they are so majestic!
  8. It’s that pie mare!

    *throws pie at u*

    1. Windy Breeze 🥧

      Windy Breeze 🥧

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  9. @Blitz Boom Windy decided to ignore the restaurant now started to change nonetheless she still felt uncomfortable. She cringed when she heard a crack from Autumn after talking to them. Seriously, she had read many horror fictions and she is still fazed by this. After Sorrow spoke to Autumn, the latter suddenly collapsed her her rump as Razor vanished along with all the occupants. She began to mutter words “Choke... play... Razor... Mourn...” she cowered as if in pain, then something happened. After yelling out the word “HATRED!!” Windy is blinded by a white flash. She swore she heard the sound of flamed but when she opened her eyes, she and Sorrow now stood in a completely charred building. Everything was dark and gloomy once again. The vision has ended. She spotted one of possessed ponies, a filly writing a huge 'Unforgiven' on the already vandalized street. A was laying beside Sorrow. If read, it says the names and shows pictures of ten ponies and one griffon. Autumn was among them and has a large X drawn on her picture along with the others.
  10. Won a game in Town of Salem as the investigator. 

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      What's ToS?:confused:

    2. Windy Breeze 🥧
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      Either sounds like or is that GM.

      I actually thought more about as a boardgame tbh, such as clues or scotland yard.

  11. She might look like a teacher, but i assure you she's a student.