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  1. How would Applejack respond to this?

    Windy flew in front of her “She's Blue Wings, a friend of mine from Cloudsdale” she decided not to tell the mare's hometown to avoid sudden unwanted change in the conversation “And before you ask, she's going to stay in Ponyville”

  2. @Blitz Boom I'm going to the province to attend my grandfather's funeral, i won't be able to reply anytime soon.
  3. @Blitz Boom Grim? Yet another name. Windy free curious and wanted to ask Sorrow or her uncle why their names are a little too... dark. She would not judge them, especially since they are a family of mediums, not an average family She also quickly remember Hoofshores, the town where her dead biological lo family lived. They were suppose to be in a ferry if it not for the incident, but she doesn't blame neither Sorrow, Autumn, and Razor, she knew saving someone from insanity is important. She listened Sorrow and her uncle's conversation. Whoever Mourners Puppet is not the type of pony she want to meet, considering what Asphyxia said about the latter probably not leaving any survivors and what she would do with Autumn and Razor. She heard that name before when she and Sorrow were flying to Fillydelphia before the incident. She watched as Asphyxia wrote down in a paper, which he gave to Sorrow, he then looked at her and gave a question. She replied. “I understand your concerns, Doc. I have no problems with that” she said.
  4. I'm not going to be online today, my mother's father just died so I'm going to the countryside and their is no internet there. Thank you for understanding.

    P.S my earphone just broke yesterday night. buck it.

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      Flying Pencil

      I'm sorry for your lost, I give your  family my full condolence.

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      My condolences to you and your family.

    4. Oni Equine

      Oni Equine

      *Hugs* Go be with your family. Give your mother an extra caring hug. Do what you gotta do. We'll always be here, so take as much time as you need. :coco:

  5. Shadow smiled “You can help me get more blocks from the hole I made” she said, referring to the hole she dug to get more blocks “Or you can join me here solving puzzles”
  6. @PawelS Shadow's ears perked up when she heard Tree offering her help, she wasn't sure if it's against the rules to team up with somebody else, but if someone teamed up with Tree, then there will be a problem for her. ”Me!” she yelled, not letting the opportunity go to the others “You can help me build my tower”
  7. 1941648943_TorchWindyBreeze-1.thumb.jpg.8e58ae880929a8daa55dae6ebb57184a.jpg

    Windy Breeze as a Torch (a term used in Shakugan no Shana to humans who have their power of existence devoured). At this point, she will disappear forever after two days and half a day.

    I really intend to put that torch thing where her heart is, but I guess I have no choice.

    (Vanishes into nothing)

  8. Who knows Shakugan no Shana? Want me to draw a torch version of Windy Breeze?

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      I'm not familiar with that anime but I'd love to see your picture.

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      I would love to see your art! :fluttershy:

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      Its a famous anime that for some reason i hated.... Draw it! And dont forget yer signature cape...

  9. @Blitz Boom Windy would listen intently to the mare named Dr. Pin and Sorrow's uncle Dr. Asphyxia' conversation. She didn't seemed to mind the fact Sorrow gave him a nickname associated with death. Windy smiled when Dr. Pin showed concerns for Sorrow, when it comes to Sorrow and her 'misadventures?', her smile turned into a frown. After telling about what happened at the former haunted part of the town, she would watched as Dr. Pin leaves the room in complete skepticism, she couldn't blame her, since not all creatures in the world believe in the supernatural, let alone her own friends especially Ire Heaven and Moonlight. When Asphyxia turned to her about the pain relief medication Dr. Pin gave her, she nodded and let out a smile. Windy',a ears perked when she heard Asphyxia, telling Sorrow to go home to get some combat training from someone named Tomb. Windy cocked her head, was Sorrow's family have their names based on something associated with death and mourning? She hoped not. Aww', it seems her popularity also has limits “I understand, Dr. Asphyxia” Windy said politely, trying to hide the relief of not needing to write some autographs from 'bloodthirsty' fans from 'vampire' media 'community'.
  10. @Oni Equine @PawelS @GeneralDirection @FuntimeMare @C. Thunder Dash Despite having some good progress, Shadow soon found herself in a similar situation as Elusive, the puzzle don't help too as she struggle to match some blocks. She went to the place where material blocks are out in the open, sadly they are running out of blocks. Shadow began to desperately use Gust Blade to alice the ground, continuing until the newly created hole become deep enough to reach the rocky part of the earth; the mantle. She went back to her personal tower, carrying several blocks on her forelegs and began her construction once again. Her ears swiveled when she heard a loud splash, she decided not to investigate, It could possibly be her teammates making some smart ideas how to get more blocks to use. She let out sigh.
  11. @Oni Equine in the bonus level, can the group create some items like pickaxe?
  12. There are several, including one where Nightmare Moon turns into a child, i couldn't help but say Nyx is soooo cute!.
  13. @Oni Equine @GeneralDirection @C. Thunder Dash @FuntimeMare Shadow followed her group into the portal, then she found herself in what it seems to be a beautiful green grassland, with hills, a ravine, two lakes, and some houses seen in the distance, however. What really took her attention is the three big blocky mounds which stood in the center of the minecraft-like open world. Hearing Elusive's cheerful statement, anxiety went back to Shadow, however, she kept it to herself, not wanting to show her nervousness to her teammates. She looked back at her jetpack, which she hasn't used yet, she found a button and a slide switch. Gulping, she decided to push the button and shut her eyes, expecting something to happen like getting blast off into space. However, when she opened her eyes, she was floating a few meters off the solid ground, the two jet engines facing upward. She smiled happily, but she decided to be cautious. She spread her wings and with the support of the jetpack, she flew toward the mounds and after inspecting one of the mounds which caught her attention, she began to get metal blocks and some other blocks. At this point, she already built two walls for her tower.
  14. Who gave you that beautiful scarf? It suits you perfectly.
  15. Rainbow Dash, she's very cool, energetic, and seems to accept every challenge thrown at her. Sometimes, me and she would race in the sky at the outskirts of the Everfree, she's also fast, whichhh is very challenging. I had in faith this pegasus would lead the Wonderbolts after Spitfire's retirement, and it turns out its true.