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  1. @Blitz Boom Windy's widened and gritted her teeth, fighting urge to let out a moan. She nodded before the doctor went out of the room. She began to think of how to cover up the incident when the door was suddenly opened. Turning around, she saw Sorrow, still injured yet standing behind her. She smiled “I think so. That doctor did not only took notice of my back, but my heart as well” she finally let out a broken howl filled with agony “she told me my back injury could become brusied or swelled for the next few ours, she also pescribe me a relaxant for my heart problem” “Should we tell them the truth? I kind of feel guilty for not telling the doctor but at the same time, how are we suppose to tell her?”
  2. Made a character requested by Writer Rhyme. He wants a stalllion inspired by two OCs, Zephyr Leaf and Neo Miles. The result is Serene Spring.


    Hometown: Richville


    Likes: positivity, being successful, clouds, his mother.

    Dislikes: becoming sick, being humiliated.

    1. Flying Pencil

      Flying Pencil

      Looks good. I like the colors you chose. 

    2. TomDaBombMLP


      Hello, Serene! :ph3ar:

  3. @Blitz Boom The doctor's reaction to Windy being struck by a lightning was something not new to her, her friends expressed similar reactions (Except Ire, who snorted in amusement and said something along the lines of 'You're too tackless, that serves you well'), so it was a good idea not to bring up the tragedy which took the lives of her family. Nonetheless the pain of losing her family coming back, she listened deeply to the doctor about her heart condition. The feeling of haveinng butterflies in her stomach slightly lowered down when the specialist diagnosed her of a weakened heart, which was also not a surprise to someone like her with a very and history, she even let out a sigh of relief when the doctor said she could remain as a Wonderbolt (If she were to be forced to retire, she would cry like a little filly). She nodded when the doctor talked about prescribing her a relaxtant. Despite this, she was still unnerved of replacing her heart with a brand new one. Surgeries are scary. However those worries came back when the doctor came back to the topic about her back injury and her demands to know about what happened at the abandoned portion of the the town. Windy knew she couldn't reveal them the paranormal part, she has fabricate that part to not destroy both Razor and Autumn's reputations. She calmly undressed herself and put her uniform beside her, revealing her injured back. She shut her eyes, wishing her injury wasn't as bad as the pain she received. “I've just arrived in this town a few hours ago. I got interested with the forbidden part of the town, as well the case of a former resident named Autumn and went inside, but not before confronting a guard who warned me not to enter” she no longer knew the name of the stallion she, Quill and Sorrow met “I met some of the missing locals, for example; Wine and Sandy” The doctor can notice Windy's sudden mood change, her expression, the tone of her voice, and how she acted were a giveaway.
  4. @ExplosionMare @PawelS @C. Thunder Dash @GeneralDirection @Oni Equine The trip to their destination riding on the zebrasus... Well, went smoothly, Shadow was able to hide her face behind the head of an striped animal to avoid getting blasted with gust of wind. When they finally reached the island, Shadow gaped in awe and wonder at the beautiful sight of the environment whatch seems to have came straight out of a clean tropical island. Green trees and plants of many kinds grow the lakes and houses resembling mansions greeted them, as well as the local NPCs which you can expect from sleepy quaint beach resort, there was also a few animals living beneath the shade of the trees as well. “T-This place is a paradise!” a smile of a joy slowly formed. This is her ideal place she wants to live: a place looks so serene, you can forget your worriesss for the rest of day. She wondered if the locals sold drags here.
  5. Shadow Trail, mounting(don't overreact) Windy Breeze.
  6. Shadow Trail and Windy Breeze.

    Note: Shadow is younger than Windy, so this is why her hoof can't reach the unseen ground.



  7. @Oni Equine After entering the train, she simply sat next to the zebrasus without ever using her mouth throughout the ride, she kept silent as she scratch the zebrasus' mane. Her light raspberry eyes began to close until... After Elusive's announcement, the door of the train opens up. Shadow rode on the zebrasus, she looked up at the island while petting the animal. “So that is the island?” The reply came in the form of Elusive's yell and wind soon beat against her face, her mane flowing in the wind as the zebrasus flew out of the train. Shadow began to wonder what the wind taste like.
  8. @Blitz Boom That sounds bad Windy thought. She continue to listen to the nurse. After all, listening gives you more knowledge than saying more words and at least she knew she had no anemia, or asthma since this wasn't the first doctor who too notice of her heart problem. She let the nurse examine her lips, and when she noticed the nurse wass going to check her legs, she immediately strip herelf of her uniform without saying any word and also shutting her eyes tightly. She cringed at thought of losing unconscious in mid flight. No one desired for a Windy pancake coated with red blood syrup, it was both horrifying and embarrasing to die in that way since she's a pegasus. “I think my heart problems have been with me for several years now” it was better to make the doctor know of the origin, even though she doesn't want to talk about it “I was an adolescent when I got fatally struck by a weather while attempting to move away a dangerous storm from my previous workplace, my mother told me that i went into a coma for a month. I am just lucky that my heart problem only occur when my emotions become too strong. Dizziness was the only warning before I lose consciousness. Being stressed while in the Wonderbolts Academy was something natural to me, but I do become overly stressed sometimes, especially when an accident occur but I mostly enjoyed being there most of the time” she remembered all the best moments she had in the Academy, from eating a blueberry under the shadows of a lone tree by the landing strip, to pranking Soarin'. Just remembering those precious memories made her sound and act as if Autumn's horror did not ever happen and as if she was talking to a friend and not inside a room of a Hospital. It's up to the doctor how she would act, either she go with the flow or try to use this as a chance to get a story out of her about what happened at the abandoned part of the town.
  9. @Samurai Equine, Shadow will go inside the train after @ExplosionMare replies to Elusive's question.
  10. @Blitz Boom Windy obeyed. She tried to sit straight but feel slight pain in her body, so she decided to lay down on her side. She was worried if her injury would make her stay in the hospital and how the news of the paranormal incident will spread, considering a Wonderbolt was involved, if the news spread throughout Equestria, no doubt it will reach both Ponyville, Cloudsdale, and the Wonderbolts Academy. She felt a sense of dread, she has to be careful of her words if it comes to that. There is also no doubt they would question her, she just has to give them the cause of her injury and not the whole story. When the doctor put a stethoscope and told her what do to, she take a few deep breaths before saying “I don't feel any pain from my heart right now, but I do faint when I become overly hysterical of my emotions, specially when i'm very scared”
  11. @Samurai Equine @ExplosionMare “Sure, why would I say no to that!” Shadow then remember the Zebrasus Pencil had spawned. She looked at the zebra “Hey, you should go to your master, Pencil. I promise I will ride you next time” she promised.
  12. Thank you for proof reading my story @Kujamih. I owe you a big one
  13. I need a pre-reader for The Stray and the Prideless.

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    2. Kujamih


      You mean...proof reader ?

    3. Windy Breeze
  14. UPDATES IN: The Stray and the Prideless.

    • Even though still having not build her appearance, the lioness protagonist has now officially named Laana.
    • This story occurred in The Lion King, but none of the movie cast will ever appear in the story. Only Pridelands will be mentioned
    • Plans to add a hyena character to add more drama