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    MLP, horses, ponies, farm, horse farm, countryside, beach, fishing, fanfictions, fimfictions, trivia, fandoms, games, fighter jets, Blue angels, f/a-18 hornet, ANYTHING RELATED TO EQUINES!

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    Rainbow Dash and Spitfire
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    Princess Luna
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    Nopony cause they are all perfect!
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    Sweetie Belle
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    Newbie Dash
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    The Magic of Friendship Grows
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  1. I got so many plans for my arts for today. I will be making an artwork of Windy and her friends giving advice that can describe their personality, and try finishing an art request in hiatus for three months. Plus, I'm going to make another art for an upcoming indie(?) game/ Ambient.White and Starved for Light.

    1. ExplosionMare


      Sounds fun!

    2. Samurai Equine

      Samurai Equine


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