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  1. @Samurai Equine Both Sundae and Shadow are no sleeping in their beds, while Keen is at the hospital in comatose.
  2. @Blitz Boom Tepe's ears pinned back, his expression becoming a little depressed when he heard he was now far away from home. Hopefully, Sorrow knew how to go back to Sirengeti, despite knowing the herd would move from one place to another. The herd will never go out of Sirengeti and Masai Marera as they called those places their homeland. But there is still hope, the chance of going back and reunite with his family, to see his sisters again. A light in the midst of the gloomy night of his heart appeared, giving him a ray of hope. However, upon hearing Sorrow also has to help a friend of hers, Tepe did not become discouraged. He become curious. Maybe this friend of Sorrow could be in the same boat as him. He smiled, glad to introduce his family “My father, Ilaaliyen is a watchzebra and always guard the herd during the night. He was a cheerful type, and would often light up the gloomy mood with humor. My mother acts as my and my sisters' guardian, Thamani Muziki is my big sister, she would often sing encouraging songs to our herd, mostly during famine and during a funeral. I also have a little sister, her name is Fadhila, to me and my family, she is our precious treasure, a filly with a bright future. That filly has dreams of becoming the wife of the future lead stallion” he chuckled, remembering the times when Fadhila came to him to get some advice about dating “She's a silly one, and very lovable than anyzebra in the family, and many foals like her, especially colts” Now, it was his turn to ask “What about your family, Sorrow?” ... “I don't need anything, thank you for asking, Blaze” Quill smiled “How much do I have to pay?” ... Razor did not have to enter through the entrance to get inside the hospital first before Bluff Rough and Flinty Mint could, he searched all over the place for Sorrow and Windy. After a couple of minutes, he found Sorrow, talking to a zebra, but decided not to intervene, seeing she's busy. At the entrance, Bluff and Flinty approached the reception table “Hello, madame, can we speak to Doc Needle, please?” Bluff asked politely, hopefully getting the answer they wanted.
  3. @PawelS “Ooh, okay” So they were actually travellers. No wonder how they wondered into Friendshire “Good night, Tree. And Nopony, if he can hear me” she joked before going inside her room, collapsing on her bed, letting her consciousness drift away.
  4. @PawelS Shadow frowned “Wait, what about your teacher?” she asked with concern “Is he going to sleep with us? I don'tw want to think he would sleep on a bench or something. It's very uncomfortable to sleep outside in the middle of the night, especially if its too cold”
  5. Have you ever traveled to Equestria and meet some of the members of the royalty that live there?
  6. @PawelS “Oh, that's just a victim of an unsolved murder case which took place at Fillydelphia six months ago” Shadow said “One of my bosses told me to take pictures of the mare's body and anything suspicious in the city which could be connected to her murder so they can conduct their own investigation. They suspected her griffon husband is the killer since he disappeared a few days after the murder”
  7. @PawelS Shadow wasn't sure about that “Sure... But I can't just let you see some of the photos that are not taken to be revealed, they are reviewed by my bosses only” she picked up her camera and shown various pictures of various situations, including a picture of mare talking to a foal, a suspicious stallion In an alleyway, two individuals eating on a balcony of a skyscraper, and a photo of a pegasus, laying on the ground, her neck broken as if snapped. However, there are also some ponies who does not seem suspicious, like a royal guard, standing idly at a gate, presumably at Canterlot, a cyan mare wearing the Wonderbolt uniform chatting with a unicorn stallion and two pegasus while taking a picnic, and lastly, a photo of Princess Twilight Sparkle when she visited Appleloosa “Mmm, i wonder when did i took pictures of these?” Shadow was genuinely confused before showing a few photos of more random ponies.
  8. @PawelS Shadow smiled “Come in, you can also invite your teacher if you want to” she went to the kitchen, and began putting some of the salad into two small bowls “I hope you like it. I'm not really good at cooking. All I did in my life is shoot some photos for my work”
  9. @PawelS Shadow nodded. So she has to not trust diaries? Well, that was kind of weird, but how Tree explained how important the warning from Nopony, she decided to take the warning. Better to be safe than sorry. “I cooked some vegetable salad for dinner. Want some?” she offered.
  10. Chicken King's Curry

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      Samurai Equine

      Chicken Pesto Alfredo

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      Stephen King's Carrie

  11. @PawelS As she was about to look at the pictures in her camera, she heard a knock. She quickly put her camera down on the table and went to answer the door. “I'm listening” Shadow told her.
  12. @PawelS Inside her house, Sundae finished eating her dinner with the entire household staff. She decided to send them off despite the staff's protest, having clearly become attached to her, but nonetheless, they obeyed and went out of her house, leaving the only living member of a wealthy family alone. Sundae is now currently wrapping herself in her favorite blanket after washing her face. She I'miled and closed her eyes, wanted to wake up early for the next day. However, unknownst to her, someone broke inside her house, and they have different idea. ... After parting with Tree, Shadow went back to her apartment complex. She closed the door behind her and immediately went to the fridge to get some celery, carrot, broccoli, and other vegetables for tonight's dinner food: vegetable salad. However, her luck doesn't stay to long when it comes to making food, but hopefully she can make a very successful food. It took for several minutes for the vegetable salad to be cooked. Shadow put the vegetable salad on a glass bowl, she prepared three brown bowls and waited for Tree and Nopony. As she waited, she thought it would be a good idea to take a look at her camera. She stood up and went to her bedroom. She opened her saddlebag. To her confusion, among her valuables is a black book titled My Diary. She shrugged and decided to investigate it tomorrow before picking up her camera and going back to the kitchen.
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  14. @PawelS “Oh, it's nothing. I'm just doing what a true good neighbor does” saying her own goodbyes to Tree and Shadow, she went back to her house. As for Shadow, she hummed a song as she carried the cheese flavored ice cream on her back, ignoring the fact she had no idea what song she is singing. It was soft and gentle in tone, as walk beside Tree, having no idea the latter's companion has already arrived. Meanwhile at the apartment, the diary went back, but every time somepony would walk pass by the door of Shadow's apartment, it would quickly vanish into nothingness.
  15. Prepare your eyes, for the item I am about to use is a ballpoint pen!
  16. @PawelS Shadow nodded “My residence is located at a row of apartment complex. You just have to take the main street from here (Arcade), up to the town square, then go east. When you see Trilby's house and shop, the apartment complex is just right behind them one block away. I live in the fifth complex and on the fourth floor” she told Tree. “And if you guys need some cold beverage” Sundae piped in, her horn glowing to perform a transport spell. Poof! Three box of ice cream appear in thin air; one cookies and cream, one cheese, and one honey flavor. She offered them to Shadow and Tree “Here is some ice cream for you two and for Sir Nopony”
  17. @PawelS Sundae smiled “Don't worry, Tree. There's no need to worry about that. I had a house to live in, and I think Shadow has managed to find a place to stay too” “I live in an apartment” Shadow told her “but I only have one bed, so we have to share” it is up to Tree Song whether she choose Sundae's house or Shadow's apartment, or get an apartment room for herself.
  18. @PawelS “He did told me about something. Mmm, let me think” Sundae begin thinking to herself, trying to recall what Tree's teacher told her. It was hard to remember, and Sundae grimaced in frustration, looking up at Shadow and Tree. The problem here is Sundae actually is very forgetful. “I don't remember most of the event, but I DO remember he gave me a warning which has something to do with Shadow” the mare who was mentioned blinked. “Something to do with me?” Sundae nodded “Yeah, but I didn't really remember the details of the warning”
  19. Welcome to the herd, @virtualpet
  20. @PawelS Sundae looked at a pony approaching them named Tree Song. She decided to politely introduce herself “Nice to meet somepony who happens to know who I'm talking about. I'm Sundae Delight, ice cream parlor manager and owner” the unicorn bowed her head. Shadow lifted an eyebrow “Teacher? You must be one of that guy's students” she mused.
  21. @PawelS Shadow mustered all of her strength to breakthrough her shock and ask Sundae, hopefully, she knew what has happened to her friend, Keen. “H-How did she went into coma?” “I don't know, Shadow!” Sundae replied “I was just checking if everypony is fine, then a pony approached me and told me Keen went into a coma!” this fueled Shadow's curiosity. A stranger has already found out before the ponies she knew in town? That's suspicious. Her expression turned serious as she went from casual to Detective Conan mode (though she isn't a very good investigator if she did become a detective) “Keen, what is their name?” she asked. “I-I don't know. They did not want to tell me their name, is just- ugh, ah, argh” Sundae scratched her head in angry frustration “They just call themselves Nopony!"
  22. @Samurai Equine @Kronos the Revenant @PawelS Before she could answer to Kronos, Shadow was interrupted by someone calling her name. She immediately recognize the voice as Sundae's and she look behind Kronos to see Sundae, approaching them, panic in her face “Sundae, is everything alright?” Shadow asked. “Shadow, Keen Fan is in coma!” Sundae yelled loud enough for everyone to hear, including Kronos. “What?” Seriously, first Mayor White, then Keen Fan!? Shadow stuttered as she tried to process what Sundae said “I uh, uh uh, ...what?”
  23. @Samurai Equine, you ignored @Kronos the Revenant's offer to help Mayor White.
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