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    Life in general, loves animals. Equine rescuer. Music, a lot of music.

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About Me

Since I discovered my personality type is INFJ, I am beginning to understand why I felt out of place around people, like I don't fit in there. I have lived my life feeling something was seriously wrong with me. It's a long road to travel alone. Where I go, others cannot follow.

Like Tempest Shadow I can manage and find my way in the Wastelands alone.


But don let this talk scare you away, I'm very friendly and I want to be a good friend with the one that acts as true friends back.

I choose Tempest mostly beacuse she has a deep sensitive inner self. On the outside she is ok... different... mean... but If you get to know her, you understand that it's just a shield for her to survive. It also surprises her when she looks back on herself.

Pinkie Shadow, because I have my silly Pinkie moments way to often :)


If you read all this *YAAY* please, grab a free cookie and a Fizzlepop Berrytwist.