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  1. @Quinch It is a seamless thru neck design, with an ebony fingerboard with white binding, 12 inch radius, red/gold epoxy dot inlays, Ibanez wizard 3 hand carved neck shape, hockey stick headstock shape atone to 'Larrivee' headstock, Japanese gotoh hardware, Les Paul/SG electronics, and finish in Cobalt blue with spraymax 2k clear glamour, probably more I'm forgetting... Currently building another.
  2. @Quinch Because I'm not very normal on stage I love to hug my guitar close and squeeze it as I bend. IN FACT it is the most comfortable guitar I have played! Look at the back photos... You can observe that I wanted to curve everything off, similar to a Joe Satriani guitar. So in conclusion no, it is not uncomfortable at all because of the visual pointyness. Everyone around me says it's sick lol but none of them know it's from MLP 😂😂😂. If you'd like playing photos/videos or more building info feel free to ask!
  3. @Snow haha yeah you could say it's similar to the strat shape if you want to observe it basically, but rainbows shape is asymmetrical and not seen in any modern guitar shape and is truly something special. That's why I adore it so. The only modern guitar shape that has a a similar shape style and feel is the BC Rich mocking bird. That pointy but fast looking asymmetrical shape. Also you can't even mod a strat to be like RainbowDash's guitar because 1 you don't have enough wood to make the fins properly and 2 rainbows only got 1 bridge pickup. Granted I did not try to recreate the exact shape this time, this is my own engineered shape, but I did on a previous build.. still couldn't get it perfect because it's really a hard shape to recreate irl. Other guys have tried online, there's only one guy who really nailed it in my opinion.
  4. Haha thanks! its not a mod of an existing guitar though, I carved every piece out of Canadian Maple and Honduran Mahoghany myself!
  5. Hey guys! I'm trying to post this again and try to get my image to show in my link. This is my personal electric guitar heavily based on Rainbowdash's Guitar in EQ, hope you enjoy and let me know what you think! (and if the link works o_o). I also left an image of her actual guitar for reference.
  6. This a sort of replica build of RainbowDash's guitar in Rainbow Rocks. I now use it as my main rock n rollin guitar, what do you guys think?