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  1. thanks for the nice words I already use references, which surprisingly helps me out a lot but I understand why some artists think its wrong to do so, when I draw from a reference, I don't feel like its "my drawing" I feel like I am just copying from someone else, its kinda weird, ya know?
  2. @Quinch @Emerald<3 thanks for the tips, I will add it <3
  3. I am not sure if this is the right place to post this, if not, mods, if you are kind enough, could you move it to the correct place? thanks! It is just a rough sketch, I am not really good with drawing (still getting used to my drawing tablet) I am just looking for some feed back and suggestions, thank you!
  4. wait, what?
    who is streaming?


    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Bleu


      thats the story of my life right there

    3. Splashee®


      I did some streaming. It didn't go well so I stopped. I still have the videos up though.

    4. Bleu


      My wifi isn't good for streaming
      so I gotta stay on youtube

  5. "Your family members have already left" uhh, they probably took both of their cars so I have no way of leaving this town without a car I guess I'll just sit back, relax, watch some t.v. and hope for the best
  6. aww no!! I really enjoyed the movie "a silent voice" thats super depressing how someone started a fire and killed 33 people why would people do this?
  7. yes a Samsung Galaxy S A drawing tablet?
  8. Welcome to the forum dude!
  9. huh very interesting, thank you for informing me
  10. what is almost everything?
  11. Woah thats pretty cool! waaay better than me hahah I really like the style, it is sorta like a painting style looks great!
  12. Actually, I pretty much have no childhood I didn't watch the original and probably wont watch the remake
  13. thank you guys so much! I really feel welcomed here! @McFlurryHeart @Splashee @Fasu @FluttershyWonders
  14. "oh darling, why are you wearing those hideous bulky hipster pants!"
  15. I am thinking if I should go to bed, or continue watching youtube
  16. Hey guys! I am Bleu! I am looking forward for being active in this small community and making new friends here! I also like to do a lot of video projects so be on a look out if you are interested in voice acting in some of them