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  1. Alternatively, it could be somepony who believes unicorns are superior to pegasi and earth ponies and destined to rule Equestria. Basically a Nazi in pony form.
  2. During her time as a villain, Starlight believed that lack of special talents led to total equality and tried to remake Equestria under that belief. So what if there was another villain whose beliefs were the polar opposite of her's? What do you think her ideology would be? (Not counting Discord, of course.)
  3. I see it being a mix of characters from both FiM and past generations of MLP. Living up to Hasbro's claim of the main ponies being a "new" cast. But Twilight Sparkle is the main character like in G4; effectively cementing her as the franchise's equivalent of Optimus Prime. (Spike could be Bumblebee, but he was already a recurring character before FiM) Characters that were main ponies in the previous gen are regulated to supporting roles. Like say for example Rarity's spot is replaced by Starsong from G3. In contrast, ponies that were supporting characters in G4 are elevated to main characters.
  4. Think about it, it has locations with similar names (Manehattan = Manhattan), and some of its cultural aspects are equivalent to ours. What with Hearth's Warming Eve essentially being Christmas. This makes me think that the planet Equestria is on is Earth in an alternate dimension. Where humans never existed and ponies and various other species became the dominant species instead. Not to mention development has focused mostly on magic while science and technology have remained mostly static. What do you think of this theory?
  5. Well, might as well add my takes here. Princess Celestia: Dear me, human politics are SO frustrating... Princess Luna: Wait, the Sun and Moon in their world move on their OWN?! Princess Cadance: How could an entire race be so...hateful?! (referring to events like the Holocaust, 9/11, and racism in general) Shining Armor: You make weapons and sell them for profit?! Who in their right mind would do that?! Chancellor Neighsay: Mindless, savage, barbaric flesh-eaters! (of course this is before his redemption) Starlight Glimmer: The Soviet U
  6. And I don't mean the humans from Equestria Girls, I mean real life humans and humans from fictional universes based on ours like Marvel. This applies not only to the Mane Six, but to family members, the Princesses, and so on.
  7. While the idea of Cobra using magic may sound ridiculous, keep in mind that the Nazis allegedly dabbled in the occult. I mean Heinrich Himmler was said to have a lifelong fascination with supernatural stuff.
  8. Alternatively, they don't have to make a superweapon, rather just study the ponies for science and see if their magic can be applied to general weaponry.
  9. And Twilight would be like "What in Celestia's name is wrong with you?" What if the Royal Guard were also there? Devices like the Weather Dominator and M.A.S.S. Device would easily be mistaken as magic. Clarke's Third Law is a thing after all. What if Cobra made a superweapon powered by unicorn magic like I said earlier in this thread?
  10. Not to mention Twilight geeking out over all the advanced technology the Joes have. I wonder what would happen if the Princesses learned about American values from the Joes?
  11. If humans ever listened to Rainbow, Fluttershy and Applejack's description of the "horrors" of the Everfree Forest, they would probably laugh their asses off.
  12. Likewise, how would we humans react to how the weather works in Equestria and the ponies' reaction to Earth weather?
  13. One character I'd like to see in G5 is Cadance. If only because I found her pretty boring as a character but had lots of wasted potential at the same time.
  14. Although it's been confirmed that G5 MLP will have a new cast of characters, which G4 characters would you like to see in the next generation of MLP? Let's go for supporting and background characters since the statement most likely refers to the main cast of ponies. You can have your reasons, such as believing certain characters in FiM weren't fleshed out or handled well enough and that a new continuity could be used to utilize them to their full potential.
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