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  1. I imagine it would've been a CGI/live action hybrid, the story would've taken place on Earth instead of Equestria, everypony would've been voiced by celebrities, and it would've likely sucked.
  2. You forgot to mention something about humans being worse than griffons, dragons and yaks combined.
  3. Bringing this back for the hell of it, how would Princess Celestia react to this? Basically it's a theoretical superweapon in which a giant mirror in space uses concentrated sunlight to burn down entire cities and boil oceans. And the real catch? The people who came up with it were the Nazis.
  4. Is it because we humans utilize technology that's centuries ahead of anything in Equestria? As for who would have the lowest opinion of humanity, I think it would be Chancellor Neighsay before his redemption. He would think humans are the most abhorrent creatures he's ever seen.
  5. It can be anypony/anyone: main characters, supporting characters, villains, ex-villains, you name it.
  6. On a more serious note, I can see a PSA where Twilight lectures kids on how reading can improve the mind.
  7. Pretty much this.
  8. Ever seen any of those classic PSAs from popular cartoon series from the 80's like G.I. Joe? What if My Little Pony did the same thing? Where your favorite ponies teach kids about important life lessons? (Of course were talking about the Friendship is Magic ponies here)
  9. Major kids' channels like CN also are moving to streaming services.
  10. Let's say Hasbro decided to pick a kids' channel other than Discovery Family to air the G5 My Little Pony series on. (Let's just say for higher viewership) Which one do you think it should be? Probably would go with one of the big three (Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, and Disney Channel), with Cartoon Network being my pick. Granted, they've had a TERRIBLE track record when it comes to promoting and airing shows other than their golden boy Teen Titans Go, but since Christina Miller is finally stepping down, maybe things will be different this time around.
  11. How would Equestria, Earth, and the countless worlds in the Marvel Universe interact with each other? How would one cast of characters handle the other's universe and so on?
  12. For anyone who doesn't know, Don Bluth is a former Disney animator known for movies such as the Secret of NIMH, An American Tail, and the Land Before Time. However, he has been out of the animation business ever since his last movie Titan A.E. bombed at the box office. (Though he seems to be trying to make a return to it) What do you think the My Little Pony movie had been like if directed by Bluth? How would it differ from the movie we know of and how would he apply his trademark style to it?
  13. As OP stated, I would want a 3D platformer. Likely in the style of the Spyro games. Each of the Mane 6 could have their own abilities. (i.e. Rainbow Dash being the fastest, Applejack being the strongest, Twilight and Rarity having magic, and Fluttershy...maybe she could communicate with animals)