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Everything posted by DripMoondrop

  1. I was trying out a new coloring and lining style and really like how these turned out. For this i used Clip Studio, an xp-pen artist 16 monitor and my HP laptop. If you're looking for software I can really recommend Clip Studio! Out of all I tried it's by far my favorite.
  2. Close enough with Switzerland. I'm from Austria. It'd be illegal to just go out and chop wood here as well (unless you own that part of the forest.. Which sadly I don't as our family's forests are like over 2 hours away). But we have a load of meters still stacked in our garage. However it's on the other side of my property lol.
  3. I live in a country famous for its alps and skiing. But sadly in a quite flat area. Where I grew up we had over 1m high walls of snow in the garden and it was normal. Where I live now it's more like 30cm. I love the forests in the winter. (and.. Practically every other season too lol) But shoveling snow from your walkway or carrying fire wood through a mini tundra in your garden ain't as fun.
  4. WELL. Here we go. I ordered a dress and hope I'll finally get to take frigging Christmas photos this year 😂

    1. Christmas Angel Dust

      Christmas Angel Dust

      Hope the dress is like advertised!

  5. Thanks dude. I lucked out with the light haha. (I love ffvii though 😍)
  6. Getting out of a nice shower cuddling up in warm blankets! That's the way 


    1. Splashee


      One of the drops is your cutie mark! The blanket won't work on that :mlp_icwudt:


      Very cute drawing! I wish I could do a similar, but it would become somewhat controversial I think :huh:

    2. Lord Valtasar

      Lord Valtasar

      a  mice shower? Trixie4.png.44d7df7145f5eec52186537ccf7b4f25.png

  7. I have six currently. And it always depends on where you're getting inked, your daily condition, your pain tolerance and style of tat. I'll be getting it on my arm, a quite harmless spot and so far none of my tats really hurt. I'll be fine :3
  8. I am getting my license next year (they cost like 3k to get here including all lessons and so far we only needed one driver in the family lmao) but most people I know drive stick. Including my wife. And everybody learns manual in driving school .. if you choose to switch to automatic later it's your choice. But I personally will stick to manual. Thinking of it I only know two people who drive/drove automatic.. one lives in the capital where he has to do a lot of stop & go.. and the other one is my aunt who had auto for only a few years. She HATED it. Said she felt "put under tutelage" with auto lol.
  9. This is one of my babies ... his name's Junkrat and he does that name all justice. But he's a huuuuge cuddlebug who loves kisses.
  10. VieCC is over. I've only been there for a day though.. it still was fun. :D

    And I found Sugar Belle <3 


  11. I really want my next tattoo to be TLoZ related so I drew up this Link in ink... I love how it rhymes lol.
  12. Super late answer, I'm sorry! Which tattoo do you mean? I have six currently :3
  13. My "new" job is kicking my butt.. 😂 But I got a few new photos. Not including the ones of my next comic con cosplay. Might do so at another point haha. Yeet..
  14. On the topic of art - I've also FINALLY updated my Teepublic! Lots of ponies there. AND on sale.



  15. My new responsibilities at work keep me 24/7 tired 😂 even though it's not pony art.. I did manage to draw this on Saturday. Been ages since I had a whole day just for creating art. 


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    2. Lord Valtasar
    3. DripMoondrop


      Thanks guys! In Austria we're getting below 0 temperatures right now. I'm cracking out the winter coat tomorrow. So now one works from "dark" to "dark" haha. 😂 

    4. EpicEnergy


      Your artwork looks amazing!

  16. It took me ages but I finally finished this tmnt artwork.
  17. Not pony related but I finally finished my big art project! 


    1. Splashee


      Your back, hi again!

      Raphael is best pony!

  18. New full body drawing of Moondrop. 


    1. Splashee


      Super cute!

      Interesting angle. Also the style of the clouds!

    2. TheRockARooster


      That's great work, Drippy. ^^


      Your art is truly awesome.

  19. I finally got down to draw something real quick in regards of the finale ;w; I personally kept seeing pictures of the show and found them just really cute. So I started streaming it (the german dub was just.. awful). For most years I kept to myself though as the local community seemed rather.. odd. Whenever I started talking to somebody about it at a convention they started to get seriously creepy. :X I'm glad I decided to come out of my shell eventually though because the online community is so sweet <3
  20. Today's MOOD in a drawing.

    I barely get to log on here currently. Very sorry, dudes. Real life keeps me away from a lot :< 


    1. Splashee


      Hi, I am so glad you are back!
      Super cute drawing of your OC!


      I was worried you had left by choice. IRL is so evil sometimes!

    2. Splashee


      Avatar expression is priceless :love:

  21. My shoot sadly was cancelled but I took a quick selfie of the makeup and hair for it :3
  22. She is so cute and soft! 


    1. TheRockARooster
    2. Splashee


      And I am cute and h....... no bad joke!

  23. Ho there, cowboy lol That's part of my own style. I adore ye ole medieval depiction of unicorns and give the ponies a lot of fluff as a homage.