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  1. Random thought , wonder how mac os catalina would run on a mid 5k 2015 imac with 16gbs of 1600mhz ddr3 ram lol

  2. hmmm the more i think about it i hope disney plus ui will look good its not about having great content if your interface looks bad and out of order.

  3. alastor as a pony XD  well the best i can do anyways


  4. ok pony oc overhaul is done ^^

  5. welp i was going to get a macbook pro 13inch buuuut only has 2 thunderbults.... i completely forgot about the new mac mini xD so ill be getting that instead for christmas ^^

    1. Angle Alastor

      Angle Alastor

      also...just noticed i mispelled angel in my name.....derp

  6. ''the stage is the world and the world is the stage of entertainment''

    1. strongwilled_pegasus


      we are actors and the world is a stage


    2. J.T.
  7. Sooo does minecraft on xbox takes a loooong time to load or what ?xD

    1. Red Riot

      Red Riot

      Really?, I play on my PC and the load time is pretty much instant.

  8. i love this show xD (my name)

    1. Kyoshi


      The pilot has made me instantly hooked.

  9. Welp nvm im back becouse of one show and i see some others who also like it so im back for now lol gahh its so hard to leave but you cant stop thinking about this forum ^^ 

    1. Thuja


      This forum has you in it's clutches lol...  Are you talking about Hazbin Hotel?  That was a pretty good pilot.

    2. Angle Alastor
  10. Im looking for a good midrange / budget laptop with usb type c , full hdmi out , one or 2 usb 3.0s and a quiet keybored, it can be a i3 or i5 8th gen cpu or ryzen. Any suggestions ? :3
  11. Alright i got a xbox one all digital :3 

    pm me if you want to add me ! 

    i uhh dont have any games at all for it now so it will have to wait xD but im rocking this on 120hrz refresh rate ! So smooth ! ^^

  12. Soo ill be getting a xbox one be honest i cant tell from the one s or the x graphics wise since they just upscale it, so my quesrion is all digital or the one s ? Im leaning twords all digital becouse i had the one s long long time ago and the fan had a spinning noise i wonder if they fixed it in the digital its much cheaper xD

    1. Kyoshi


      It is all up to you, but the Xbox One X does output native 4K games, the games just have to be enhanced for that purpose. You can find a list on many websites. If you have a 4K TV and games that are enhanced, there is a difference that is easy to see, some more than others.

    2. Angle Alastor

      Angle Alastor

      I have a 4k aurous rgb monitor and a 50” 4k tv so im good lol ill just get the digital editon to save money plus im trying to go all digital :3

  13. ...i cant decide on death stranding for ps4 or get a xbox one all digital and wait for death stranding on pc...hmmm

    1. strongwilled_pegasus


      i know the feeling, i'm  sure you'll work it out


  14. *I give you a muffin*

    1. Angle Alastor

      Angle Alastor

      eats the muffin* :3