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Status Updates posted by FeatherStream

  1. so i saw the lion king...it was meh not bad or good just meh

    1. Xeltor


      You mean the live action one, right?

    2. FeatherStream
  2. rarity is beautiful :3

  3. new cover photo :3

  4. soooo i got another confession to make....ive been re watching the show again and been doing some thinking....now this might be a odd fav. combination but my three favorite ponies are , Trixie , Rainbow Dash , and Rarity :3 and i think they will stick with me for a long time it just feels right ^^

    1. Twisted Cyclone

      Twisted Cyclone

      That's a neat combo :)

    2. FeatherStream


      hmm now i all i need is a awsome cover art to fit all three of them XD

  5. happy birthday :3 have a crown Victoria police car out of cake ! XD

    1. Twisted Cyclone

      Twisted Cyclone

      Thank you! That sounds very neat actually. lol

    2. FeatherStream


      your welcome ! ^^ *birthday boop * :3

    3. Twisted Cyclone

      Twisted Cyclone

      *squeaks and boops back*

  6. hmmm i havent posted anything in a while...

  7. how much do you think hotwheels cars are worth ? i got 4 or 5 carrying cases full of them...like a pile of them xD

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    2. CypherHoof
    3. Xeltor


      Yeah like that one :orly: 

      I'm not an expert on Hotweels :nom: 

    4. CypherHoof


      Nor am I - I think I last had some when I was about 12 or so?

  8. hey whats up ? :3

    1. SolarFlare13


      Oh, I havent been doin much :laugh: I'm just chillin atm. Even tho my birthday is today, I'm gonna have my party tomorrow :ticking: how are you? :catface:


    2. Thuja


      I'm exhausted, I've been walking for a few hours now.  I was trying to find somewhere where I could get some proper orthotics but I was so shocked at how much they could possibly cost, had to walk to a different place and just get some dr scholl's.  I hope they work out for me.

  9. its official im getting the iphone 11 in...in purple ! and no not becouse of thanos xD lol 

  10. so im going to get the new iphone 11 becouse  i love that new purple color ! but will have to see what type of purple it is when the event goes live today.

  11. ok i found a much better add blocker for firefox , ghostery...its actually loading my pages much faster ! im actually running a 1440p video on you tube  with my slow 5mbs of speed XD

    1. Bas


      NoScripts also tends to block a lot, albeit you better know what you are blocking.

  12. so what it was , was my add block plus extension i turned it off to see if that was the problem , and it  work now i can load site images again....so now to find another good add blocker.

  13. ok for some reason firefox isnt loading images even on this site...almost in a text form kinda like the other sites i visit (playstation , youtube , amazon , 9 to 5 mac ) as examples.....and edge is just fine ? 

    1. Bas


      The text form is the alternative text shown when the image couldnt be loaded (as a description), for blind users to have a clue what it is about and for browsers not being able to show images, such as lynx.

  14. happy birthday !! (tomorrow)

  15. welp i got stung by a wasp

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    2. Xeltor
    3. FeatherStream


      its starting to feel better now had some cold ice on it.

    4. Thuja


      Glad you're feeling better!!!

  16. why is pizza so good with honey mustard! 

  17. really like the banner :3 

  18. well batman arkham knight is free on ps plus was going to buy it on pc but now its free on ps4 xD 

  19. i want to play spyro on pc......but im almost done with night in the woods on my ps4 gahh xD

  20. i think trophys are starting to be an addiction to me then trying to follow the story in games...maybe i should do that as a second and follow the story first....

  21. hmmm whats a good pc batman game to start out with ? i already seen the 3 movies.

    1. Xeltor


      Batman Arkham asylum, then Arkham City; the latter is the best of the two.

  22. also playing spyro at 1440p at 144hrz is amazing! cant wait for the switch version lol.

  23. you know what in going to start binge watching mlp right now...off to kiss cartoon here i go !