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  1. Well in all honesty i gonna have to say i like EQG better than mlp currently and here is why EQG: EQG has some interesting concept on the take of human world such as high school,social media,etc but i also like it because i feel like the writers and such put more effort into it. i also like EQG better than mlpfim because it kinda what got me into the fandom MLPFIM: MLPFIM is a good show and im not saying it bad at all but what i am saying is that they really run out of ideas i feel like. I mean they add a ""Bootleg"" Sunset shimmer i feel like which is ok i guess but im not a huge fan of starlight glimmer. I also do not feel like the show is very....well....Entertaning any more as i feel like there just starting to come up with plots that already been used. Final Thoughts: So in all honesty i like EQG better because i feel like there more of a story and interesting concept and i really do hope it continues in G5 but if not it will always hold a place in my heart as one of my favorite things to come from MLPFIM
  2. So now that we seen all the villain in the EQG universe it got me wondering who would you pick from this list to be your favorite? Credit: https://www.deviantart.com/dashiemlpfim Creid
  3. In all honesty i am gonna have to say i agree with your opinions. As someone who just got done watching all the EQG Movies and Specials i gotta say that it would of been nice it they made the shorts into episodes. I however did not watch the short due to them severing no plot in the Specials. In my honest Opinion i think they should of made them longer like what they did in EQG Tales of Canterlot high. I Do however realize that they were also working on MLPFIM at the same time so i can see why they were made so short. All i can say is that it would of been nice for them to go longer so we could have some episodes leading up to the Specials.
  4. huh.....Well time to get some get coke and wine and watch another special set your calendar for September 22
  5. To me i prefer Midnight sparkles as i kinda prefer villains more interesting and also daydream shimmer seems kinda i dont know i would say not interesting as midnight
  6. So I Wanted to know something. I never been to a bronycon (Due to age and money) and wanted to know if there any pony conventions for 2020-2021 year for mlp in the southern part of the united states. I currently live in the middle of North Carolina and was wondering if there would be any conventions i could drive/fly cheap to express my love for the series. If not then can you name what the closest convention would be near my state?
  7. Did not nowhere to post this but this said bronycon 2019 so i decide to create a topic that will probably be taken down. Anyways i want any advice on how can i steel feel better even tho i never went to a bronycon as i am a teenager who has no licences (Only a permit no job and such. I was wondering if there anyone else who never been to a bronycon and what to do and if there will be any other conventions or small conventions around the southern part of the usa that will continue after the fandom ends?
  8. So I just join like 5 mins ago after finally seeing the Sunset Backstage pass special and if you ask me i think it was a great way to send off the EQG special. However i Hope that some brilliant animator Will create a like some sort of animation to go along with it or some new type of continuation on a YouTube channel or heck even like a fan fiction story. All i can say is that since i been watching Mlp and EQG since 2015. (I know you may not believe me but i have because my 2nd oldest brother was brony and EQG was the first mlp thing i say and i like to also say i was 12 at the time so it would make since) And after about Late 2018 i fell out of the mlp fandom but not the EQG Fandom. So as EQG is ending it break my heart but i know that all good things have to come to end. I Did Prefer EQG over the regular mlp but that was because i felt like it was better and had more care and time put in it. So instead of saying stuff on how it should be brought back or stuff i think we should get some nice cold ones and have like a life stream and rewatch all the movies and speail in one day on like twitch or something. I Be willing to do before August 16th so if you want me too respond. Anyways i like to say thank you to also The Amazing People at DHX and Hasbro for creating part of my childhood and making me feel like it dose not matter what happens to the series what matter is that it was brought to us and fill us with joy -Equestrianfan 12:01 AM EST 7/12/2019