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  1. I am one of the many people who dislike if Grogar get replace by Discord and he is not the real final villain but i am satisfied after i see someone created the alternate ending from episode 25 in the final battle with aired the real Grogar this time. The video was made by WhiteShadow aka MoonRises: https://www.deviantart.com/moonrises I prefer to watch this version of the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zOnwu.... This looks like it was made in 2010 but I used SonyVegas. I'm sorry for the quality of the video. The other parts of my comic series will be coming soon. This is my version of how ''The Ending of the End'' should have ended. Song: Asp Wer Sonst (Einhorn Edit.) Chrysalis, Tirek and Cozy Glow are ready to make their last attack on the Mane 6 but something is stopping them. The bell made by himself a strange ring and a huge, dark smoke came from it. None of the villains can control the power of the bell anymore. The dark smoke became bigger and bigger and swallowed all of their magic and bodies. Then the smoke became a black sphere that corrupted the windigos and made all the clouds look like the dark magic. Equestria was under the ancient curse. From the darkness came a mysterious silhouette. Twilight and her friends were extremely shocked. The first emperor of Equestria came to take back his throne and rule once again. You can see the other pages on: https://www.deviantart.com/moonrises/... and my artworks on: https://www.deviantart.com/moonrises/... Sorry about my grammar. I know about that song so i just enjoy but i also really like this idea. This comic or picture is created from DeviantArt and maybe the goal is to eliminate the disappointment of many people about episode 24 and 25 but my opinion, i more like this than that final season 9 but there must be one again but now Whiteshadow deleted that and that is the video about Gusty the Great meet with Twilight.. Now there is someone has a plan to make this picture or comic to become animation same like Hasbro and now he/she try to find someone who will voice to all of that characters. Calm down I've got permission from the creator now.
  2. I have the idea for the MLP season 10: 1.) Bring back the old characters in the IDW comic before 2020 and give all of them potential and a good story. 2.) Lightning Dust and Rainbow Dash must become a friend and also a rival just like Starlight and Twilight. 3.) Give Marble Pie a good story and a good ending. 4.) This time they must show the real Grogar as the final villains. 5.) The past story about Grogar need to be clearer than the season 7 and the season 9. 6.) Starlight Glimmer's mother because so many people want to know who is her mother? So do it. 7.) Scorpan will meet Spike and Scorpan will tells everything when Spike is just an egg. 8.) Rainbow Dash and Applejack must not become the lasbian characters because this is will destroy the story. 9.) Pony Flash Sentry will has a story and has a role. 10.) Grogar is not the only villains in the season 10 but there is more villains so maybe that is the old villains or even the new villains.
  3. Gusty the Great is one of the ancient characters and also a ancient hero who finally to beat Grogar (not Discord) in the past but i have a question about this if Grogar is more powerful than Discord and even Lord Tirek why Gusty didn't become a Princess? She can be a princess as well as a hero just like Twilight but why she is just a hero and not also a Princess?
  4. My friends and some of my family think all of the Pillars characters has the power is same level with Gusty the Great in the past but now i know they are not stronger than Gusty when she can beat the real Grogar in the past but after the season 9 i understand there is no one can beat Grogar without Gusty the Great and her team so maybe that is why Hasbro replace him and characters like The Pillars,Mane 6,Starlight Glimmer,Discord,etc is not ready. That is just one Grogar's weapon and one from all of his power can made hard all creature to stop that, what happen if the real Grogar join that fight? of course they will desperately face it or maybe they will lose.
  5. In the IDW comic Umbrum like Rabia know how to created the fake Sombra: So the third Sombra or we call him the fake Sombra can be created by Cosmos,Eris,Rabia,Discord and even Grogar as the Father of all Monsters but didn't created Sombra as a Pony because they created Sombra half pony and half monster for their necessity if they need something.
  6. That is so impossible because according from Wiki and his past story didn't answer if Grogar is really dead and born again just like a Phoenix and one again he is immortal in the G1 so that mean he is also immortal in the G4. Grogar is an ancient villains and also a Demon Necromancer Ram with power more than 1.000 army so that mean he is more powerful than all creature in the show and he is know how to made him self to be immortal and even without eat the food and drink a water he still powerful. Grogar is the Father of Monsters and Discord is the Lord of Cheos so both of them is different because Discord is one of the Grogar's created and he don't has a parent so Grogar is his father.
  7. My disappointment is the real Grogar is alive and he is not already beat by Twilight,Starlight,etc or even they didn't turn him into the statue just like Chrysalis,Cozy and Tirek. I don't even know why they let Grogar still alive after the season 9. Maybe they still need Grogar for something.
  8. The story about Grogar is not really end because according from informasion wiki and the season 7, Gusty the Great is just banish him but not until kill him in the past so there is no answer from Wiki if Grogar is really dead because the answer is not clear at all. My opinion Grogar is alive after the season 9 but he is in the some where that all creature didn't know where is him now.
  9. I am one of Starlight Glimmer's fans and also Flash Sentry's fans so i hope one day of in the MLP G5 she will become the main characters with the old and new characters in the G5 because for me G5 need Starlight Glimmer,Rara (Coloratura) and Lightning Dust.
  10. My favorite relationship in the MLP is: 1.) Princess Twilight and Pony or Human Flash Sentry because this is the best pairing to me and i don't care many people hate this relationship. 2.) Celestia and Sombra from The Mirror World because i really love about their relationship in different dimension but both of them still fall in love each other. 3.) Rainbow Dash and Soarin because i really love the IDW comic 36 and all all episode between these two because they so close than i call them is just friend. 4.) Sunburst and Starlight because i love this relationship when both of them in the season 6 and after season 6 so i really hope they get marry. 5.) Radiant Hope and Sombra because this is a very attack my heart about this love story in the MLP:FiM and both of them now is alive after the season 9 but no one know where are they.
  11. I want real Grogar and Bray as the final villains in the IDW comic and tell me where is real Grogar after season 9?
  12. Grogar is alive after season 9 final but i don't know where is him now but i know he is more stronger than 1.000 army and he also a Necromancer so he is alive.
  13. Hey guys i will prediction about My Little Pony Reboot or we can call as Generation 5 of My Little Pony so this in my prediction: New Location = This Reboot will show as the new places or maybe the new City and the new Castle but not only that because there is more new location we can see. New Characters and New Villains = This Reboot will show us the new characters and the new villains. Some of Old Characters and Villains = Don't disappointed about old characters from G1 until G4 because i'm sure they can join to G5. The New IDW Comic = This is my weak prediction but this reboot will also has the comic and story book. The New Games = This is my weak prediction but Hasbro will show us the new games about Pony. No Humans = Not like before this Reboot didn't show human so there is no Equestria Girl version of G5. The New History = In this Reboot there is the new history in the MLP G5 Universe. New Title = This time there is no Friendship is Magic in the title of My Little Pony because they will use the new title or the title in G5 is just My Little Pony. The New Opening = In this Reboot they show us the new Opening of the new MLP. Mission and Adventure = Yes, MLP is always adventure in the fantasy wold and mission. New Song = Just like before this Reboot because this Reboot will show us the new song and soundtrack. Fight and War = There is the fight in G5 because epic and amazing because some of MLP's fans is really love fighting so G5 will show us the war and fight. The Love Story = There is love story in the G5 between characters or villains. Sad Story = There will show us about the sad moment and the sad tragedy in this Reboot. All is The Same Universe = I mean the comic, the show and Movie reboot will be the same universe. So there is my prediction about My Little Pony Generation 5 or My Little Pony Reboot so what do you guys think so give the critic and comment in down below.
  14. After i am watch Ducktales reboot, i can see how Disney is succeed in Ductales Reboot that in not made Ductales's fans disappointed because according to some of Ducktales's fans, This reboot is good just like before and according to some people again, This reboot is better than before so this Ducktales can be example for MLP reboot in 2020. Hasbro can learn from this and take example from that cartoon, they can do that just like what Disney did to they cartoon like The Lion Guard,Big Hero,etc.
  15. Tambelon is Grogar's empire and this kingdom already aired in the G1 long ago Grogar,Bray and his army live in that kingdom. Now talk about this city or kingdom in the MLP:FiM, This place is in the map of MLP:FiM universe but the story is not really complete about this kingdom but there is two map location about Tambelon because one map show Tambelon is in the west and one map again Tambelon is in the east. In the history maybe this kingdom or city already has destroyed or lost because Gusty and her team war against Grogar and his army until they beat Grogar but Gusty already know this will became a history so Gusty didn't has a choise so Gusty know this history about all monsters is a nightmare because can created other conflic so that is why Gusty did somethink to this city or kingdom. So what do you think about this empire? so share comment and critique in down below.