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  1. Cosmo is a unicorn stallion from Canterlot. Despite being an adult, he's a blank flank. He never got a chance to explore his personal interests because of his extremely controlling mother (I'll just call her Galaxy for now). Galaxy has always wanted Cosmo to learn as many spells as possible, so he can become a magic prodigy (like Twilight or Starlight). She believes that as a unicorn, that's the best thing Cosmo can aspire to be... Despite all the practice, however, Cosmo has a very hard time learning most spells. Galaxy often criticizes Cosmo, saying that he's a blank flank because he doesn't try hard enough in his magical studies. This has broken down his confidence over time. He's ashamed to be a blank flank at his age, and often wears clothing to hide it. For the longest time, Cosmo has had a habit of staring at flowers and plants, and he's not sure why. One day, the Cutie Mark Crusaders are sent to Canterlot to help Cosmo. They make him try all kinds of activities, much to Galaxy's disapproval. Cosmo doesn't do very well in any of them... After a whole day of failing at various things, he feels like trash. Galaxy berates him for being so incompetent. Overwhelmed with sadness, Cosmo runs away with tears in his eyes. (Galaxy watches him leave with a growing feeling of guilt.) The CMCs look for Cosmo, and find him sitting alone in a garden. He tells them that the sight of plants and flowers make him feel at ease. Then, the CMCs get an idea - they ask Cosmo if he wants to be a gardener. Cosmo rejects the idea, since he's tired of trying new things (and also because he can't imagine a unicorn having a talent related to the Earth). But the CMCs insist that he tries it out. Cosmo gives in to their demands, and discovers that he can use his magic to grow and heal plants and flowers. (Note: Every unicorn has at least 1 spell they're good at, right? Like a special personal spell. So Cosmo's special personal spell is to grow/heal plants and flowers.) Then, at that moment, he gets his cutie mark: a flower with a star inside it. He's filled with joy, and finally feels complete. The CMCs encourage him to stand up to Galaxy, and that's exactly what he does. Upon returning home, he tells Galaxy that he doesn't want to be a magical prodigy, and that he will follow his passion with or without her support. Galaxy realizes how overbearing she has been, and apologizes to her son. She promises that she will try to be supportive from now on. With that, the CMC's mission is complete. So this was supposed to just be a bio for my OC, but it ended up being a whole episode summary... lol I'm surprised that the idea of an adult blank flank was never explored in the show, so I thought "why not do it myself?" And I also thought it'd be interesting to go against the usual pony race norms, and create a unicorn character who's connected to the Earth (like an Earth pony). Does Cosmo's backstory make sense? Does it even sound like something that could happen in Equestria? Let me know! Also, how's his appearance? I definitely feel like it can be improved. Pink is my favorite color, so I chose that as the main color in his design, but I'm open to changing that. What do you think? Any suggestions? By the way, I chose the name "Cosmo" because it means universe (which relates to his unicorn magic), but it's also the name of a flower (which relates to his love of plants/flowers).
  2. AJ and RD bantering like a married couple made me scream This ending has made me very, very happy. :')
  3. 40! Oh god, you're not even close! I'm gonna guess 30.
  4. All of them!!! G1 has great adventures with lots of magical characters and fantastical villains MLP Tales (I consider it G2) is very relatable, taking place in a modern-ish setting and tackling issues that kids in real life often deal with And finally, G3 is just the cutest thing ever, and all the characters are so innocent and lovable
  5. Yeah, I'm not too sad. it's not like the show will be phased out of existence forever; I can always rewatch it (and the past generations too). In fact, I'm glad FiM isn't running for too long. After all, TV shows either end good, or last long enough to turn bad.
  6. Oh, it's Shishikura Seiji. I'd probably take the chance to ask him why he has such a horrific quirk. TheN I'D BREAK DOWN THE DOOR AND RUN AWAYYYY
  7. Mulan -> Milan From a story about a female soldier in China to a story about an Italian city
  8. Not sure if anyone has already brought this up, but I think unicorns could fly if they wanted to...? We've seen it multiple times in the show, after all. But it's kind of weird that unicorns are able to do this, since pegasi are known for being the "flying ponies." Are they trying to make unicorns op? Also, why don't unicorns fly more often? Do they just choose to walk around as a show of good faith to the pegasi?
  9. Dakishimetainoni (Translation: "I want to embrace only you")