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    Starlight, Applejack, (unicorn) Twilight
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    Discord, Sunburst, Princess Luna, Moondancer, Nightmare Moon, Lightning Dust, Gilda, Sunset Shimmer
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  1. Twilight seems to find the best in people and uses it (which is not the best feeling by the way), her nerdiness is annoying. I'm certainly impressed by her effort into forming schedules, but sometimes this obsession becomes horribly wrong. I just think I'm not the type for Twilight and I'm gonna be this one pony which doesn't want to be her friend. Although I adore her rational attitude For bff, that's Aplejack for sure (because we're alike). I value sincerety the most and can be stubborn at times.
  2. @Kyoshi You hated Starlight in the past? Because this whole top 3 is about Starlight.
  3. Best of the best 1. "Return of harmony." I'm just obsessed with villain Discord and elements of chaos. 2. "Amending fences." It's just great. I personally think it completes Twilight story arc PERFECTLY, and also Moondancer is cute 3. "Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep?" I'm just obsessed with Luna y'all. Her abilities to see all people dreams is awesome. And message is also great. 4. "The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone" It's simple, but awesome. Completes Gilda story arc. 5. "Wonderbolts Academy". It shows what loyalty really is. A pity they added happy end. .
  4. 1. Magical Mystery Cure Yep, that's one controversial! Episode is good itself, it has best songs in the show, interesting idea (switching mane 6 cutie marks) and touching moment (in Celestia's ballad), but it wasn't character development we needed... Twilight doesn't needed wings or princess title at all (twilight will not outlive her friends btw), she could become friendship ambassador and teach friendship around Equestria and further (just like she did in all her cutie map episodes), and then become the ruler of all Equestria, because she is able to reunite everyone against main antagonists. But noooo, they gave her a wings, then they made whole season to give her a castle and etc. 2. School daze pt.1/School daze pt. 2 THIS explains whole "school of friendship" idea I can't imagine mane 6 as school teachers. I just can't. I left a fandom after I saw leak with "school of friendship" back in 2016-2017. Of course unite all species once and for all is a good idea, but like that? That's a nonsense. You need to teach friendship to all species to success, you should fix their internal struggles first, and ponies should meet their culture too, you're not just choosing 5 random kids, sending them to Ponyville and fixing everything by that! New 6 is a bad idea, just because there is more than 6 races in Equestria. Antagonist is pretty weak too, Neighsay didn't even felt like antagonist, he is just reasonable, he tried to save us from this bad idea . *school of friendship is disapproved* 3. The Crystalling - Part 1/The Crystalling - Part 2 This And this is one of the worst ways to make mlp premiere Cadence and Shining finally have a baby, Twi is an aunt now, Starlight and Sunburst are reuniting... If it wasn't a premiere, it could be one of the cutest mlp episodes ever! But it was a premier, we needed a threat to the world, so... Cadence and Shining Armor's child is an alicorn! (why Hasbro why why why WHY ) And she just broke crystal heart with her cry! And now crystal empire is doomed because citizens will be froze to death! Whole s6 premier issue is not an antagonist, but annoying Mary sue child, yup. 4.
  5. It was pegasus with iron wing He got iron wing because he protected adopted girl from snipers that was trying to shoot him because in the past he was a criminal... That's a long comic, I got it lying somewhere
  6. Death isn't inevitable. We're just too stupid to outplay it, so we're trying to accept defeat
  7. Midnight Sparkle has interesting design, bat wings, glasses from fire, fractured horn (like Chrysalis') purple/blue colors. While Daydream Shimmer looks too angelic, some pink unrelated to Sunset dress, white/yellow/pink colors,weirdly looking necklace and sandals do not fit image at all Midnight Sparkle wins
  8. Luna has Nightmare Moon Celestia has Daybreaker But do Cadence and Twilight have evil alter egos? And does Midnight Sparkle counts as equestrian Twilight alter ego?
  9. I want a game related to cancellor Neighsay, to look at different schools and more
  10. Hi Emmy! Can you help me a little here? Where can i discuss MLP world? Story i mean. There is so many topics, i'm lost. I found season x disscusion, but what i want to disscus is not in any season, it is fan-fiction/guesswork. @Emerald<3 <i forgot to mention you>
  11. Hello i guess. Hope to have a good time here.