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  1. Yeah, she is definitely an underrated background pony, especially considering how unique her mane and tail design is.
  2. I, in no way shape or form, consider Equestria Girls canon to Friendship is Magic. The way I see it, if the events of EQG were canon, they would brought up frequently due to it featuring a portal to another dimension with human-like inhabitants using modern technology, things that no pony had ever seen before. Considering it wasn't ever brought up however, I stand by that Equestria Girls never actually happened in FiM's canon. If some want to believe that EQG is canon, then they are free to believe that, just as I am free to believe that it isn't canon. Thankfully the events of EQG were never
  3. Yeah, I strongly dislike the Equestria Girls designs (along with pretty much everything regarding that franchise). The designs are unappealing, the bodies are strangely proportioned, and overall they just look weird. They are especially awful when compared to the adorable pony designs of FIM. It also doesn't help that from the bit of EQG I've seen, the characters don't even really match the personalities of their pony counterparts. But going back to design, I definitely agree that the EQG character design is bad.
  4. I feel like Neighsay wouldn't actually want to or try to take over Equestria, since he already had his plate full with the EEA. Plus, he would be forcefully taking over Equestria, which is the thing he feared would happen to Equestria (it being hostilely taken over, that is). But if he did decide to take over, the first thing to go would be the school of Friendship (probably along with the non-pony creatures). Then he might give ponies curfews or something. Without Celestia, Luna, or another Alicorn, unicorns would probably have to start raising the sun and moon like they had to before. D
  5. To be honest, I really dislike the post-reformed changeling designs, especially Thorax's, so I am going to have to go with the original thorax design. The new design just looks extremely odd and mismatched, and it is probably one of my least favorite character designs in the show.
  6. It is definitely something I ponder as well. I always thought it was such a cool concept that pegasi were the ones who controlled the weather, and it really helped set Equestria apart from the real world. Plus, by having pegasi be the only ones who could do this made them essential to Equestria, and really helped show that all three pony types were needed for Equestria to function. So now that Equestria is seemingly functioning without magic or friendship between the three types, things start to get confusing. Weather making technology is a possibility, but unfortunately that really take
  7. Landi

    Fluttershy Fan Club

    Moments like this show that Fluttershy can really come through for her friends in the end, along with having an impressive display! She is definitely inspirational, along with being very cute !
  8. Out of the main villians, my ranking are probably: Chrysalis Discord (pre-reformed) Tirek Starlight (pre-reformed) Sombra Storm King CozyGlow Nightmare Moon Tempest Pony of Shadows This list could change upon further thinking, but for now that is how I'd rank them upon Evilness. That being said, I doubt Chrysalis is going to leave the number one spot. The fact that she and her army went around sucking ponies love and emotion, basically killing them at times, shows how evil she was.
  9. It never really made any sense though, especially considering how flimsy the glider looked compared to pegasus wings. Not only are pegasus wings able to be very strong (especially those of a Wonderbolt), they are supposed to be able to withstand numerous weather conditions (considering that pegasi are the ones who control the weather). If Wind Sock's Contraption could miraculously withstand the heavy winds, than so could pegasus wings. I feel like the writers were just trying to create excuses to make pegasi seem useless so that Wind Sock could do something. As for the wonderbolts being m
  10. In congruence with this topic, I have some issues regarding the previously mentioned comic (issue 81). First off, Wind Sock's "wings" were just a glider, so how could even lift a pony on a stretcher without any actual lift? The comic claimed that the pegasi couldn't get down to save him, yet pegasus wings can also be used for gliding (and do so better than any artificial wings could). I'm pretty sure a pegasus could have definitely saved the injured pony. Secondly, the fact that he was "declared" a full fledge wonderbolt also doesn't make sense. A little glider like Wind's definitely coul
  11. Well, I do have Netflix, so that means I'll be able to watch it. That being said, it's a shame that this won't be in theaters considering how much fun the movie theater experience can be. Even if streaming services are considered more convenient, I still love going to the movies. Also, apparently there will be a theatrical release in Russia. That doesn't apply to me, but maybe it's a possibility of the movie hitting theaters in other places.
  12. I wasn't saying that we were forced to watch EQG, just that it's creation and association with FiM was unnecessary. It's tone and characters feel very different from FiM's, and it's association with the name "My Little Pony" doesn't feel right (especially since EQG isn't even about ponies). Now luckily the FiM writers avoided making any references to EQG, thus giving the viewers the option to not watch EQG and say that it isn't cannon with FiM. If they had made frequent references to EQG in FiM, then we'd feel a lot more forced to watch it, even if we didn't actually want to. As for G5, I
  13. While both FiM and EQG were made to sell toys, FiM also tried be a good show on it's own with it's elaborate writing and characters (for the most part, that is). EQG more so just felt like a big advertisement for its toys, and didn't really try as hard with its characters and stories. Hasbro wanted to compete with Mattel's Monster High, so they made their own version of it and just slapped the MLP name and characters onto it. If Hasbro really wants to make something similar to EQG in the future, it would probably be best if they make something entirely separate from the MLP franchise, so those
  14. I really don't think there should be an Equestria Girls in G5. Instead of being about magical ponies living out lives in a heavily magical world, EQG was about a group of human copies of characters going to high school. Plus, considering that the franchise didn't even get a proper conclusion shows that Hasbro themselves didn't really care much for it. I think Hasbro should put their focus on G5 itself rather than reviving a poorly made spinoff.
  15. I'm definitely going to have to say season 8 is the worst season of MLP. First off, it started off with the awful plot device known as the School of Friendship. Not only did this school go against what the show previously stated (friendship is not something you learn in school, rather something you learn through experience), but it also took up numerous hours of the Mane Six's lives, despite them already having their own jobs and careers to worry about. Plus, episodes based around the school were often dull and lifeless (just like the SoF itself). There are many more problems that arose
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