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  1. Once again, it surprises me that these series storyboards are being leaked this early on, but they look interesting. The first one seems like the characters are playing some form of laser tag, and Zipp is irritated at her sister for some reason (probably related to the game). As for the second one, it's harder to tell the specifics of what's going on, but it looks like Pipp is singing while walking along side Hitch in some town wearing a jacket. The facial expressions in these images seem pretty well done, and they do give some hope that the series will do a much better job at developing the c
  2. I'm surpised we are getting storyboards from the series this early on, especially since I've heard that it won't be realeased until fall of next year. I'm wonder how much more will be leaked/released leading up to the series.
  3. Pinkie Pride - This is such a fun, memorable episode with an equally great story and concept, that all comes together very well. Add on the plethora of songs and Weird Al's performance as Cheese Sandwhich, and you have an amazing episode. Discordant Harmony - This episode did a great job and giving discord some great character developement along with really allowing Flutteshy to shine. Combined with all the fun humor and memorable scenes, this episode is overall very good. It's just too bad Discord was ruined as character in the last two seasons. Amending Fences - This is a deep, w
  4. A Hearth's Warming Tail - This is easily the best of the bunch for me. It is a fun musical episode that also acts as a ponyfied version of the iconic "A Christmas Carol". I'd say this is definately one of the best episodes of season 6. Frenemies - While this episode didn't stand out to me as much as it did with others, I still find it pretty fun and enjoyable to watch. Apple Family Reunion - While this episode isn't the most exciting, I think it does a good job at developing applejack and giving her extended faily some more screen time. Plus, "Raise This Barn" is a very iconic song
  5. Magic Dual - This episode is a very iconic one for me, and is definitely one of my favorites in season three. The way this episode developed Twilight's character and utilizes each of the mane six is great, and combined with an interesting premise and story, this episode is definitely an epic one. Tanks for the Memories - While this episode has very mixed receptions, I highly enjoy it's humor and entertainment value. Plus, it has an amazing song and even brings back Cloudsdale and the weather factory, which are both very underutilized locations in the series (for perspective, I'm pretty s
  6. These rankings shift around a bit for me, but as of now, here is what they are: Season 2 - This season is a true example of all the good aspects of the series. It took an already great first season, and expanded upon it, being even better. While there are a few bad episodes this season, there are so many great ones that really helped to give this series its identity. The characters were given great development, the stories were fun and impactful, and the episodes overall had this iconic charm to them. I think that this season really was MLP at it's best. Season 1 - This series re
  7. Luna Eclipsed - This is an amazing, iconic episode that does a great job at introducing Nightmare Night and developing Luna as a character. Sparkle's Seven - This is a funny episode with and interesting concept. The way each of characters are portrayed and the way they interact with each other is also interesting and entertaining. Rock Solid Friendship - While this is not the most exciting of episodes, I enjoyed the interesting interactions between Maud, Starlight, and Pinkie. Applebuck Season - Just a fun and classic episode that does a pretty decent job at giving Applejack
  8. Season 4 is probably my third favorite season (just behind 1 and 2), so there are definitely a good amount of good episodes to choose from. Due to this, here are a couple honorable mentions: Testing Testing 1, 2, 3: While it may not be the most Exciting episode, I appreciate Rainbow Dash's character development along with all the lore about the Wonderbolts. Flight to the Finish: While I'm definitely one of those people who really wanted Scootaloo to fly by the end of the series, I can still appreciate what a deep and emotional episode this is. Now onto my top five: Twili
  9. Keep Calm and Flutter On - This is just a great Fluttershy episode that does a good job at showcasing how great of a character she really is. A royal Problem - While this is definitely a strange episode, it does a good job at giving the princesses more character along with developing starlight's. The Breakup Breakdown - This is one of the few episodes in season 8 I didn't dislike. It isn't anything special, but compared to most of that season, it was a small breath of fresh air. Swarm of the Century - While this episode may not be the most interesting or engaging, it still is
  10. Lesson Zero - Easily the best of these (not that it has much competition). It's an amazingly fun episode that helps start an awesome second season. Castlemania - While it isn't anything too special, it still is a fun episode that finds a nice way to involve all of the mane six. Ticket Master - Not the most interesting episode, but it's definitely a classic Too Many Pinkie Pies - It's a fun episode, but doesn't have much else to it. The Gift of the Maud Pie - It's not the worst episode out there, but it's a pretty boring episode overall. Castle Sweet Castle - Very
  11. I'm going to have to go with season's 1-3 on this one. Not only are the first two season my favorite seasons of the show, the overall feel of these earlier seasons felt fresh and fun. They consistently showcased what FiM was, and did a great job at starting off the series. Add that to the amazing character development and the charming lessons and stories, and the season 1-3 era is the best era of the show. Season's 4-7 weren't bad either. There are some fun, well written moments in those seasons as well, and even my least favorite of the batch, season 6, isn't necessarily bad, just lackin
  12. This one is hard for me. Zephyr Heights looks really cool with it's big golden buildings and it's mountaintop location, but all the modern tech and advertisements are really distracting. Here you have such an amazing looking basis for a city, filled with massive detailed buildings and cool looking bridges all above the clouds, and then there are just a bunch of big screens and advertisements plastered around, taking away from the overall look. Combine that with the citizens who seem very fixated with their phones, and it unfortunately feels like the city's great concept was wasted. With t
  13. This is one of the big questions regarding Equestria that I hope is explored in the series. Equestria was a large country with many cities and towns scattered throughout it. It wouldn't make any sense if the entirety of Equestria's pony population now just live within three cities, two of which don't even look big. I'm guessing that there has to be some other cities and towns throughout Equestria, and that these are just the three Sunny knows about. Considering how the three cities we did get to see all seemed very isolated, it would seem like the same could be the case for some of the other t
  14. Those little clips just seemed like promos, so I doubt that they are from the series. Plus, it's very unlikely that the series animation will be near the movie's due to being a show. While most seem to think that the show will be 3D, I still think that there is a chance it could be a nice 2D, potentially even similar to that of the 2017 movie. To be honest, I really hope that the series will be 2D, because that would allow for a much better and more detailed look than a cheap 3D would (plus, I tend to prefer 2D animation over 3D animation in general).
  15. Being a fan of background ponies, it's cool to see that they are being given some attention. Unfortunately with the movie, the background ponies felt fairly bland, and most of them were just recolors, similar to season one's background ponies. Though even then, the designs being recolored aren't even as interesting as those of G4's first season. There may be a few interesting ones here and there, but I'll need to go back and look more closely to the backgrounds of certain scenes. That being said, I hope that the series itself can introduce some cool background ponies just like FiM did.
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