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  1. Hello, friends! Stop your scrolling right there, cause' it's time for YOU to learn how to ascend the food chain and become THE ULTIMATE MONSTER HUNTER!

  2. HELLO, FRIENDS, AND A HEARTY GREETING TO MLP FORUMS! For those of you who do NOT know me, I am Iron Will, the greatest seminar host, fitness trainer, motivational speaker, body builder, airship pilot, vacation cruise coordinator and substitute teacher that Equestria HAS EVER KNOWN! Today I am here to tell you - no - SHOW YOU the single greatest video game EVER DEVISED! I am also here to provide a sanctuary for those already familiar with said game, giving them a place to discuss it and connect with other players! What such game is this, you may ask? Why, it is a game so metal, s
  3. Welcome to MLP Forums Iron Will. :pinkie:

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    2. Splashee


      Yay, I can finally add another person to my friends list!

    3. Iron Will

      Iron Will

      Iron Will was not aware that Iron Will's reputation preceded him! Perhaps he shall stick around for a while, teach you ponies a thing or two about what it means to be LARGE AND IN CHARGE!

    4. Snow


      Sweet Celestia this is brilliant

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