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  1. Singing. I like to sing, but I do it when no one is around, otherwise your ears will bleed
  2. when family goes to business trips or something, and I stay alone. First day - amazing. But, then, I feel lonely.
  3. The Lord Of The Ring Avengers Gone With The Wind Avatar
  4. yeah, i've read about this situation. but this article changed my mind - a nordvpn breach between fact and fiction
  5. im from estonia, the launch is not announced at all, so i feel your pain. how to watch it , try reading this. the only option for now is to watch it with a vpn. surfshark, express, nord are good. or you can wait till 2020 march 31. At least, hooray, that Spain will have it, right?
  6. this is great! i mean, disney movies are the best, especially the old ones, Darkwing Duck, Duck Tales. Great! But, I find it very unfair, that it's not launched in most countries. USA, Netherlands, Canada were able to get the first bite. But what about Poland, Belgium, Portugal? Spain as far as I know will get Disney+ only in 2020 ?
  7. Average salary. But, I've been to Turkey, and it was amazing! Next stop - Greece, they have wonderful cuisine!
  8. I've just came back from Turkey and god damn it, i love hot weather, i love summer!
  9. Well no, Nord is not related to China... it's Panamian actually. And in my small pony opinion - Ukrainian laws are simmilar to Russias, and Russia asked for all logs and data from all providers, which had their servers there. All of providers: PIA, NORD, EXPRESS refused and removed their servers, only Kaspersky agreed. I think you are wrong. Anyway... I'm back from vacation and it seems that the worlds gone crazy! I guess all of you heard about Hong Kong protests and internet restrictions! What do you think? I didn't create a separate thread, as it's still going to be about VPNS, as it seems that using a VPN is the only option there not to get caught by police. Article Suggestions
  10. Absolutely same with me. My friends think I'm a freak or something, as I love raw potatoes and onions Also i like raw broccoli.
  11. Where to go and what to see? I'll have a one week holiday and I really want to spend it traveling
  12. Really? As far as I have read Netflix do fight with VPN users, but Nord constantly updates their servers, so Netflix cannot detect whether its VPN or not. Oh and by the way, I have found their another fresh discount link. how many do they have,lol?
  13. Yeah, I mean I want to watch Netflix (especially USA content, as they have many awesome shows and movies) and I have read that Nord for that matter constantly are working on updating their servers so that Netflix wouldn't detect you are using a VPN. My Netflix library has also mane good movies, but contents do differ from country to country and according to reviews USA library is the best.
  14. So I have been thinking about buying a VPN so that I could watch Netflix and not only my countries content, but American and Australian as well. Does anyone use it? I have been reading a lot lately, and I am choosing between two top ones: NordVPN and ExpressVPN. I am thinking about Nord, as they have a 75% discount now. I need your advice, friends! Help me to choose?
  15. Becoming a professional dancer and teach others to dance. unfortunately, i move like a log