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  1. Cold pizza with all the toppings ripped off
  2. I'm debating between whether or not I should've just ate these fries cold
  3. I'd be a unicorn because I love the idea of being able to use magic. As much as flying would be cool, I think I'd rather have telekinesis.
  4. Talked to my sister on Instagram, laughed at memes, and checked the mail.
  5. Annoyed because I have a feeling my package won't come in tomorrow.
  6. If I can't get Wolf Quest Anniversary Edition to work on my laptop that's gonna really suck.
  7. Assertive Fluttershy - Boo Hoo [Remastered]
  8. A compilation of all the songs in MLP from season 1 to 4.
  9. I think hanging out with other people is so much fun.
  10. Euphoria


    Thank you! <3 I think I will too.
  11. I always play easy because I'm almost always playing the game to have fun, not to be challenged. Some sections of games I play are hard enough on Easy so I'd rather not test my luck on other modes . Minecraft is a bit different; if I'm playing alone it's peaceful (I don't like being jumpscared), but if I'm on LAN it's easy or normal.