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  1. Psst, it's just me, guys, Thorax! Pharynx hasn't touched his account for weeks. Do you think he'll notice me posting memes through his account? The drones put me up to it, I swear!
  2. Wow. I cannot believe the speed at which this has gone off the rails. To those few changelings who've responded thus far, thank you for actually following orders. As for the rest, I'll reach them some other way. Clearly a big, obvious announcement wasn't the way to go, here - attracted too much unwanted attention and antics from non-changelings. You should all expect to see me around again. Regardless what my thoughts are of this place, I need to ensure my charges' safety, and unfortunately that means keeping an eye on them here until I can restore order in my hive. Besides, somebody has to keep @Thorax out of trouble. Can't teach this twit to be cautious of anything with rainbows and hugs. He smells love and comes running. Kinda like a golden retriever, really, except more green.
  3. When did my announcement turn into the Social Rejects of Society Club? Get your own thread, and a more menacing demeanor while you're at it. We all know the end result is going to be the same, whatever you cook up. I might not care about this place but that doesn't mean Thorax and his army of pony friends don't. Speaking of, @Thorax, you failed to mention she's here, and that she's spending time with children, now. Do you need a chaperone or something?
  4. Yeah? You sure you wanna do this? You sure you wanna start with me, in front of all your little pony friends, Thorax? How about I let them in on the fact that our mighty leader still sleeps by firefly light, or how he woke up yelling for me the other night when he had a night terror about flyswatter monsters. Why don't we leave the serious business to me. Once I have them safe in the hive, you can do whatever you want with them. You. I don't think I like you.
  5. Sorry, but now that I'm helping out, we have no use for a witch. Thorax may lack backbone, but with me around the hive has gotten back into shape. This is just a minor setback. You're too sentimental, Thorax. First you introduce hugging as an actual policy for restoring stamina and energy among the hive drones during work shifts, then you allow changelings to take constant naps together in groups to achieve the same thing, and now you're trying to argue for their continued slack? There's having hobbies and then there's shirking responsibility. I'll say again, I give it two days. I expect the hive fuller than I've seen it in weeks, and for chores to start getting done.
  6. Don't you sit there, trying to wash your hooves clean, Thorax, you made the situation worse when you then told not just me, but the entire hive about your little discovery. Behold, fillies and colts, Someone then thought it'd be a good idea to have a hive meeting about this place, a hive meeting, Thorax. Your situation has been approved previously, Derplight. I don't clump you into the same category as my brother and the others.
  7. Do any of you realize how long I've been sitting here, biding my time? Do any of you realize how many frivolous events, redundant status updates and dead end topics I've been forced to endure, in the name of finding out what's really been going on with my hive as of late? Don't answer that. If you're a changeling, then you know why I'm here, and you'd better read on if you don't expect a scolding in person, later. If you're not a changeling, please disregard this message, as it does not apply to you. If you are a changeling, metamorphised or otherwise, you are to get your shimmering tails off this site, and back home, at once. What started as a benign hobby has grown out of control. Chores and duties around the hive are getting neglected left and right. Two days ago another surprise Maulwurf attack on our hive, and I barely had five warm bodies fighting with me. After investigating the matter, I've found that this place is to blame. This community, so saturated with positivity, has attracted changelings like moths to the flame. Worse still, it keeps them here, distracting them with commemorative badges and other useless trinkets, rewarding further engagement. I've had it. A changelings' priorities start with their hive, not some frilly, online social community. That is all. If you do not return home, or otherwise notify me of your intended return within two days, I will come and find you. Trust me, you do not want me to come and find you.