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  1. In the movie screenshot, Sunny (is that her name?) already looks like a plastic toy, there should be no problem in producing a toy that loks exactly like that. But, for some reason they managed to make the toy look worse. Then again, maybe making it look like in the movie would be too expensive.
  2. Yeah, the series turned into a premise that bing a leader/politician is unversally good and this was kind-of reward for Twilight. I guess this has roots in fairy tales and such where a king offers his kingdom (or half oh his kingdom) for anyone who can accomplish some heroic job. I do not think it is correct. Twilight started out as a nerd, then she was basically forced to become a special forces operative, then turned into a politician. There was no reason for it, she never said she wanted it. You know, being in special forces or a spy and then becoming a politician was how Putin got in
  3. Yeah, and if this is the official reason, then it makes the last seasons of G4 even more sad than they were before. It would mean that not only Celestia pretty much forced Twilight to take up the role, but that Twilight was not even suitable for it. Instead of letting her do what she can do and wants to do, Celestia had a plan for Twilight's "destiny" which first turned her into someone she did not want to be, then made her take a job she never wanted. And it all ended badly.
  4. Yeah, but it would make the ending of G4 even more sad for me. That could happen. But basically, something really bad had to happen to undo Hearth's Warming and pretty much leave Equestria worse than the beginning of celestia's rule, not to mention the beginning of G4. It could also be a way for the creators to bring real-life politics into the show ("hey, look, Equestria became divided and hateful - just like the real life"). Actually, the reason for Equestria going to hell could be its own movie. I mean something really bad had to happen, not just a casual mess-up by Twil
  5. I do not want to get my hopes up too much. That can still come out in the movie or in the actual show. I like the names though. G4 names were weird - too many coincidences for it to feel real. I like the 2D G5 style, at least from what I have seen, but not the plastic 3D style. I would probably prefer if it was completely separate universe, instead of, essentially saying that either Twilight messed up or there was some huge disaster that pretty much destroyed the G4 world. But, maybe this would be good too.
  6. It looks like she has what appears a relatively modern clock radio. I do not know what to think about the figures and cutie marks of G4 characters. I really hope we get an explanation for that (whether they all are still alive or just famous historic figures). I also really hope that the movie (and the show) will not be full of real-world politics. OTOH, the more I look at the screenshot, the pony loks more and more like she's made of plastic. Hopefully they change the design - I'm sure with modern technology it is possible to make her look more "real".
  7. I think the story looks OK, but I don't like the character style. Looks like a plastic figure (maybe that was the intention), but still, it looks bad to me. I hope they explain what went wrong since the end of G4 (I guess Celestia was wrong about Twilight taking over, which means I was right).
  8. I'll probably never understand the fuss about spoilers. Anyway, they look OK, if that's the G5 art style, then I'm OK with it.
  9. I don't know. I think I will try watching at least an episode, unless it was clear that the show is not worth it (I cannot stand the art style or something elsE).
  10. G4 ponies looked weird from the front (pony looking directly at "camera"), this does not look as weird. I wonder how they look from the side.
  11. Pentium100

    Movies/TV Closed captioning

    I used to use it when I did not understand English well enough. I also use subtitles or captions on video games (because if I missed some piece of dialog I can rewind a movie, not so much with a game). I prefer watching a movie or anime in te original language - if I do not understand the language, then I'll have subtitles on. I have a CC decoder I can use with lasrdiscs or video tapes that have captions.
  12. Pentium100

    Technical Issues Constant forum issues, whats the cause?

    As far as I can remember, sites that were at risk of DDoS used paid plans. It was, at least at the time, that you could not even have your own ssl certificate unless it was a paid plan an a cloudflare-provided cert with 50 other domains on it did not look good. I have also used Incapsula, but only the maximum plan (the one where you negotiate the price). As for the motivations for an attack - I can see why someone would want to DDoS a cryptocurrency exchange or some very popular site (or a government site). I guess someone thought that this site was somehow worth DDoS'ing.
  13. Pentium100

    Technical Issues Constant forum issues, whats the cause?

    Big pipes. I have used Cloudflare and some other pai tiers (including the enterprise tier of some other company) Seemed to work fine, as long as the real IPs did not leak (the pipes in that case were not very big). IIRC it stopped most Layer7 attacks as well and what got through was not a big problem. OTOH, I remember cloudflare cutting off service by itself on the free tier if an attack reached a certain level. I wonder who are that bored to attack this site though. And what they hope to gain.
  14. Pentium100

    Technical Issues Constant forum issues, whats the cause?

    They manage to get around cluoudflare protection? Or did they managed to find out your real IP?
  15. I would want to visit Equestria, but if I was the first one to find the portal, I would not go there, because what if it's a one-way trip? Worse, what if the air is poison to humans or human bodies react to magic the same way as they react to radiation (no indication that something's wrong until it's too late).
  16. While I would love to meet Twilight, I would want to meet the actual Twilight, not some random person who just looks and sounds exactly like Twilight.
  17. But original personality I assume, that is, the person is the same, just that he/she now looks and sounds exactly like Twilight Sparkle? That would be annoying - no way to tell people apart. Also, it would cause mass hysteria (Imagine you woke up and saw that you and everyone else was turned into some random pony - the same random pony) AND would draw attention to me as I would be the only one who looks normally. Both would be bad.
  18. I had a floppy disk with some software that checked if my PC was compatible with Y2K (it was). I remember somebody, who worked as a cashier or such saying that the machine wrote wrong date after Y2K. I also remember writing year 2000 as Y2K and 2001 as Y2K+1 for a while , There were supposed to be two ends of the world close to each other. Something was supposed to happen in the summer of 1999 amd then the Y2K problem. However, I do not remember my parents buying a lot of canned food and such.
  19. Yes, I have used a typewriter a few tiimes when I was a kid. There is a typewriter in my house, but it's in Cyrillic, so, not much use to me, though, I guess, if I wanted to record some Russian music to a cassette, I could use that typewriter to write on the j-card (I can't really write Cyrillic by hand and a j-card is too small for my printer). The ribbon is a bit dry though, but, IIRC there are ways to revive it.
  20. I think that fewer people see status updates or blogs. I know I see fewer of them, just because I have to scroll down on the main page and I do not always remember to do so after refreshing it.
  21. One-way trip, turn into a pony (a regular one, not an immortal alicorn) and I can't bring a few shipping cointainers with my stuff? No. That sounds like a very bad deal. Your heaven may not be my heaven. My heaven may be your hell.
  22. I mosty look at the "Recently posted in", "new topics" and sometimes in the "new blog entries" and "new status updates" lists. If I see something interesting, I then open that topic/blog/status update.
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