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  1. What a bunch of assholes - resorting to violence over something completely meaningless like a movie. It's not like your fiend even prevented them from seeing the movie.
  2. I would try to figure out how to confirm that I am not hallucinating while not giving away the possibility that I may be hallucinating.
  3. 1gbps down, 600mbps up. My country is known for having good internet, mainly because of the competition between various ISPs.
  4. I wasn't looking to change my opinion, but at the same time I was not expecting to convince anyone to change theirs. The opinions are formed based on values and it is very hard for someone to change values. However, it is still fun discussing various topics with people who have different opinions than I do and seeing how they think. Discussing politics with someone who thinks exactly like me is boring, because it feels like I'm standing in front of a mirror and agreeing with myself. However, such discussions have to be fun for both parties and should preferably be done without personal attacks or trying really hard to interpret an argument in a way that was not intended. I am also more used to discussing such things in person where nobody asks for sources (after all, we don't debate in a library while looking for various books to support our arguments).
  5. There's a new Fruits Basket? I have to check it out.
  6. Depends on which season of the show this happens, but probably Spike since he is the closest to Twilight (and has hands, but mainly the "closest to Twilight" thing) so I could spend time talking with her.
  7. "The Cloud" translation is "Someone else's computer". Local files and physical media are much more reliable than files on someone else's computer.
  8. They believe they will make more money that way.
  9. It really depends. While being immortal would be great, I would have to trust the equipment to be impossible to hack and not have backdoors. But if I was certain that the equipment was secure I would do it. Hell, if I was old ir in bad health I would do it even if I wasn't 100% sure about the security. Why would I want to die if given a choice not to (assuming no strings attached)? For that I think I would even agree to go to Equestria and become a pony.
  10. I would keep my downloads, but would still buy the bluray box set. I have bought the movie and Equestria Girls blurays. However, this is one of the reasons I archive a lot of stuff. There are no guarantees that something on the internet will be available tomorrow and no control over that, while it is entirely up to me if the stuff in my hard drives, tapes or disks will be available.
  11. Because they get paid by the "legal" channels for the show. Companies think that everyone who downloaded something 1) would not buy it legally 2) would have bought it legally if there was no alternative. While both of those are true for SOME people they are not true for others. Also, someone who downloaded the show could still buy toys and Hasbro would still get some money. But, I guess, not all the money. I'm still waiting for the bluray release of MLP though.
  12. That's what old computers are for. But this is one of the reasons why I prefer physical media (or no-DRM downloads) over any kind of streaming or "subscription". I know that if I had a subscription to some streaming service I would download/record everything I watch/listen anyway so as not to lose it.
  13. But not many people did. Microsoft is still making huge amounts of money from Windows 10 and continuing to push the boundaries - ads in the start menu etc. At some point enough people push back (like it happened with the Start screen in Win8) that Microsoft reconsiders.
  14. It's probably because not enough people hate that decision. For example - when Apple removed the headphone jack from whatever model of iPhone - a lot of people were against that decision, but many more people bought the phone regardless. So, Apple most likely made more money removing the headphone jack and selling wireless headphones. Same is probably true with Mozilla as well - probably a lot of people continue to use the browser regardless or find some way around the change On the other hand, the backlash sometimes works. Microsoft put Start menu back in Window after the backlash against the "tablet-style" screen. However, compare that to the forced updates that are untested (and sometimes crash PCs). People hate them, but not enough to just switch to Linux or downgrade to an older version of Windows and Microsoft saves a lot of money by using users as beta-testers for their updates.
  15. Not that reliable though, at least how Louis Rossmann (a guy who owns a Mac repair company) says - pretty much every laptop model has some stupid design flaw that makes it fail faster. Add to that soldered SSDs, chips that like to fail, but Apple made sure they are impossible to buy etc. You want really well-built computer? Buy a server. Hell, it probably would not be more expensive than a Mac... There are also ruggedized laptops.
  16. Some kind of engineer maybe. Or a train driver, because I definitely prefer working with machines. Or, I could use my knowledge of human technology to "invent" a bunch of things and maybe push Equestria into the industrial revolution. I may not know stuff very fine detail, but it would be a much better starting position than the others. For example, I know, in general, how a vacuum tube works, even though I would not be able to build a working model with my first (or 10th) attempt, I would not need to stumble upon the Edison effect etc.
  17. Projectors have their uses. Projectors are more portable (try carrying a 1.2m TV with you for presentations) and in some cases cheaper. If I wanted a 3 meter wide screen, even if I could get a TV that big, it would be insanely expensive and probably impossible to get into the room,
  18. let's go with exposed hooves, but the same (or very similar) color as coat
  19. I have had very limited experience with a Mac, but the only thing they have going for them is the OS that may appeal to some people (I can just use Linux if I do not want Windows or cannot run Windows not-10 on some PC). The hardware is way overpriced and not that reliable, with Apple actually putting in effort to prevent people from repairing their devices. Screw them. PC all the way.
  20. Syberia The Longest Journey series (that would probably have to be a TV show) Also some more adventure games, but I would have to think about them to remember.