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  1. Back doing some swedish early 19th century uniforms.
  2. Various new projects including a new nation. Danish Royal Army German Africa Corps General of the German Air Force French Militia, Vichy France
  3. Two new nations for the collection! Bersaglieri Imperial Japanese Army
  4. I'm glad you noticed that I aim for a more realistic colour on both hair and skin colours. Probably because colourful characters don't look very good with the natural colours of military uniforms. They are intended for camouflage, so how would a pony army camouflage themselves with rainbow coloured hair? xD Before I started making these I actually designed late 1800s swedish uniforms in all their glory. But this was a long time ago now when I didn't have as much emphasis on details and just tried to learn. An example: I hope to go back making more unique uniforms, but I've always been into the world wars so I don't know where the road will take us.
  5. Thank you for the replies. Glad I asked as I was scratching my head countless times with that 30 days limit thing. xD
  6. That is harsh ust to be able to correct misspellings and such...
  7. Hi, new user here. I just realized I'm unable to edit my own created threads. Working as intended? I'm mainly over at the fanart section and I like to update my OP with new content and descriptions. There is no edit button anywhere on the page. I found another user with the same issue but the answer was to look near the MultiQuote button but there is nothing down there except for MultiQuote and the regular Quote button. Any ideas?
  8. BRONY-WORKS Dislcaimer: All uploads are apolitical and I'm against any form of extremism or hate speech. To adhere to the rules of this community I will censor any symbols that could potentially be controversial to some users. I will not share projects that could be offensive in some way. I do military-themed vectorart for My Little Pony since 2014. I created this gallery in the My Little Pony Forums mainly for feedback, suggestions and to share my interest with other history geeks. I will work on this gallery overtime, but for now I'll upload some of my recent projects. Historical accuracy may vary depending on source material or editor limitations. For the full and historical versions, please visit my DeviantArt page, but be warned I don't censor my uploads on DeviantArt so I don't take responsibility for any triggering. On DeviantArt everything is art. I don't do commissions or requests at the moment because I don't work well under stress. But if you want to suggest something feel free to do so. I'm not a member at Derpibooru and I don't take responsibility for any uploads and comments on their website! If you want to get in touch with me about my art, please drop me a private message. Also feel free ask me for my Steam username. Tools of the trade is Affinity Designer, and Vector Magic. Chinese Military National Revolutionary Army, Private Danish Military Danish Royal Army Finnish Military Infantry, Lieutenant, (left image) s French Military French Foregin Legion French Militia, Vichy France German Military 1st Fallschirm-Panzer Division Hermann Göring Parade dress of the National Pepople's Army, German Democratic Republic. German National Railway General of the German Air Force German Africa Corps Italian Military Bersaglieri Japanese Military Imperial Japanese Army, Warrant Officer Polish Military Polish Armed Forces in the West Slovak Military Hlinka Guard Swedish Military Home Guard, Lieutenant, (right image) I16 Hallands Regemente, Private Swedish Army, Colonel