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  1. i NEED this account deleted or atleast hidden from public view; people i do not want finding this information are finding it and i genuinely cannot risk anything regarding my social life i will take removing all of my posts if my profile cannot be hidden or deleted, i will not be using this forum anymore and have not for the entirity of this year
  2. @Rikifive so that's why i didn't see the option to add a signature! thank you so much
  3. i made a banner for myself and i'm not too sure how to put it in my signature! thank you!
  4. I have a headache
  5. amphipony


    this is bermuda! i still need help with a name that relates to dragons, so bermuda is only temporary this is my friend's ponysona! he doesn't have a name yet, so any help with this would be appreciated too! my other friend's ponysona! they're all friends and they go on all kinds of adventures. we do this in real life, too! (he also needs a name HAHA) i have more pony designs here! starburst and bubblegum spice are the only ones i didn't create okay it didn't format like i expected it to start from the bottom and go back to the top i guess haha