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  1. Who else remembers these?

    I like nostalgia early 2000's


    I used to watch icarly all the time

    Remember this ad playing every 5 minutes on cartoon network?

    This ad a few years ago

    This show (I watched icarly way more tho)

    Basically everything in this video above


    Here is some more stuff that wasnt in tv but still nostalgic



    Used to watch these DVD's

    What I watched on the internet back then


    Just something else I remember watching



    Anyone still have these?



    Iv only seen a floppy disc once in my life

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    2. SolarFlare13


      Most of the young'uns these days wouldn't know what a VHS tape is. Yep, I grew up watching my cartoons on VHS :) ...and I still have those boxy TVs. They're SO much better than the crappy flat-screen TVs we have nowadays. they take too long to turn on in comparison to these ol boxy TVs which almost turn on instantaneously, have shitty sound quality and even if you lightly hit the screen, it'll break almost immediately. As you can already tell, I HATE the 2010s and modern society in general. I'm bout as ol school as you can get :derp:

    3. RaraLover


      I still have a bunch of cassettes on my shelf that I haven't watched in years. I still even have the player as well (and I think it still works). About a month ago, my family had a box-shaped TV, but it broke down so we had to buy a flat-screen TV to replace it. Our old TV was like 25 years old! :wacko:

    4. Tacodidra


      We still have a box of old VHS tapes, though I've put most of the interesting stuff on DVD (other than for nostalgia, they're clearly better). :D Also three VCRs (one of which was broken during the transfer to DVD).