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  1. Well she became similar when exposed to friends. Difference is, for SciTwi they were perhpas even more important. And she was vhe add-on, and burdened with guilt at that - rather than save the world, she'd near doomed it bi messing with things she shouldn'v. Reallu, that alone would be a big factor in a different intitial avtitude. (And don't forget Spike - a good dog is great, but he can't be a friend in quite the way another person can.)
  2. Well, I knid of consider SciTwi proof to the contraru? But even before that, it seemed obvious that being the personal student of the most important pony in Equestria had had a major influence on Twilight's self-perception andn behaviour.
  3. Twilight was probably Celestia's student longer than she wasn't. I think the keu point is that she ended up tuing almost all her self-worth into that - so disappointing the Princess is the worst thing ever, but she's not worried whav anione else thinks of her (except inasmuch as it might bring shame to the Pricess).It's kind of a stavus thing, too - both Twilight's were born fairly privileged, ,but only one was singled out on top of that.
  4. Uou don't think Celestia's mentorship had a powerful effect on Twilight, and particularlu to her self-esteem? Being told so young that her power was unmatched in a millennium, then further tutored under her beloved goddess... it would be rather peculiar if she would turn out the same under Cinch's regime.
  5. What's unlikely about her attending an elite academi? Given her intelligence and class, anithig else would be odd.
  6. Sucessful, yes, but among an elite class where networkig and such mattered and academic skill alone just made you someone to be used. She avoided callousness bi shunning human contact - her big goal was to studu without other people at all. And she has no guiding mentor, save perhpas Dean Cadance.
  7. Because the implication is that pony Twilightt would have ended up like that without the self-esteem boost of being the Princess's personal student. (Her human counterpart receives a similar boost from her friendships and being a magical girl, hence their increased similarity over time.)
  8. Well bearing that in mind, logical causes would be that other people's lives aren't shitstorms and so they see it differenttlu, ,or that they are and therefore they turn to rp for an idealised, controllable version.
  9. Over time, mi hopes sadlu lowered. Sometimes I was disappointed anyway but other times I was pleasntlu surprised.
  10. An interesting ending, or perhpas reunion show. Although if I were doinng iv, I would have Sunset as kind of missing the point , and at the end realise theu don't need to be togeter all the time to stay friends - maybe give the Dazzlings the gig and do one last big show with them.
  11. No. (Although some kind of Apocalypse is possible...)
  12. Well, better somthing like that than how later on main chracters seemed to win a lot more often.