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  1. He does seem too, at least while attending the School. He stuck around in Uprooted, too. On the other hand, he is seen leaving on a train in Best Gift Ever, but that might be to spend the holidays with one of his friends or relatives. So the next question is, how long has he lived there? Was he in the background unnoticed all along, or is he a recent transplant? I prefer the latter (especially since his name and cutie mark suggest a coastal origin) but the former could make an interesting story.
  2. For one thing, ,the tone and style of them is pretty different from the show - ironically more targeted at fans than litte girls. Or so I've heard - I've never read them myself. Which is probably another factor - the comics aren't available for free on the Internet, and that's the only way a lot of people get their pony. So many just ignore them, only to get annoyed when fans who have read them cite them in discussions.
  3. No it ended with much more of a whimper than this. Unlike Celestia, Twilight has a working portal and can go back and forth as much as she wants, but still shows no interest in following up on Flash or even breaking up with him properly. (On the other hand, "letting him down" might be a more appropriate term - breaking up would imply a relationship whereas they have like one school dance between them. But she could still have handled it better.)
  4. I'm not that familiar with the American system, but I believe the show did go up in rating between "Return of Harmony" and "Lesson Zero", and the difference is somewhat notable in the latter episode. A higher rating would probably allow more in the way of violence and death - the former would probably not be a good thing, but the latter might be. Given the commercial nature of the show, i doubt we would see any greater degree of controversial content.
  5. I was once very fast 9999999999999999999999(reading every Harry Potter book the day I bought it, for instance), but I don't know if I've still got it. And has been said, you can miss a lot if you rush.
  6. A lot of the style change was of course due to writer turnover. I'd say the new style was fully in place by Season 6, but had been building over the previous couple.
  7. Sometimes it's easier to appreciate the good points of a weak show/season/episode once it's over and you no longer have any hopes for it.
  8. true. But many things seem like a good idea at the time.
  9. Must one live "for" something? And even if one must, why need it be something permanent?
  10. Besides, it's all relative - the Switch may not be the strongest console, but isn't it a quantum leap for handhelds?
  11. Not just a good mother, but a great one - I've always seen her as having a big family. Mind you, there may still be hurdles, especially if any of her kids are as different from her as she is from her own parents. But when Pinkie pie isn't a natural at something, she learns. (Of course, a good spouse to share to he job with helps too.)
  12. Indeed - you need only contrast the possibilities among the Manes to see this. As an analogy for humans - would you rather lose an arm or a leg? Different people will pick differntly. Perhaps not the best example, given how much more dependent we are on sight.
  13. To be precise, I think he idea might have been better than using a generic unicorn, but not as good as having, say, a zebra.