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  1. her voice actor/singer. is the girl in that band
  2. I'm sorry that i didn't put out any of your favorites on this list, but i find out some of these characters mostly would be voted the Hottest out of anyone. Also explain Why?
  3. I love what they did to mane 6, from the character design to the figurines I really want to buy all of them. but ill ended up being broke.
  4. Between the two Pegasus in the mane 6, they both are in the top 3 ranks, and possibility still are. I just want to know on your opinion. who is the cutest? Fluttershy or Rainbow Dash?
  5. Throughout the 9 years,most fans (but not all fans) would do toxic or rude things, to make the show or the fandom look bad. I understand most don't (not all) likes the NSFW, the creepy pasta. but back in time, where fans would be super annoying to non-bronies or anti-bronies, or they would hate and attack other bronies who simple does nothing but enjoy the show as a fan. These "bronies" would even go out and send death threats to both the show's own staff members and any other fans. But mostly these "bronies" would hate the show's own staff members because either they hate how they create ideas on the show, or what i heard, what they hate how this would effect the character's popularity or design. Some would hate twilight new alicorn design, or how the writers would effect rainbow dash by making her seem bad. Don't forget the shipping wars that would also cause a toxic argument to each other, Hating on the all generation expect generation 4. speaking of death threats, some of the toxic fans would send the death threat to get their way. its possible why Hasbro, ignores everyone (their mlp fans; bronies) because of how rude they are. Bronies (not all) would hate Hasbro for making my little pony look bad. do you think our fandom is toxic?
  6. you made me laugh, not in the rude way. firefly is rainbow dash in the way but she's idea to her looks but not color idea. so your trash her rebooted design
  7. oh my god, send flash away from me. he scaring me. im crying send help i need an adult
  8. i'm glad you get it this is like my 4th time trying to fix this, to make everyone understand
  9. Be honest to your opinion and why are they your favorite or least?
  10. Whos your favorite in the cmc? in season 1 and season 9 did it change or stay the same? Why?
  11. Same as the mane 6 who is your favorite princess out of the four. did it change or did it stay the same
  12. if you had the chance to change or make the position of the band members? what position would they be? would be like ever other group that just sing and maybe dance a little or they would be a band with instruments? who would sing lead or sing for the back vocalists
  13. um no. its our choice and opinion on favorite character. not everyone likes or enjoys twilight. just because she's the center of the show doesn't mean she's popular, these people out there who hate or dislike twilight. so the poll is honest and true to itself.