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  1. One should try and keep an open conscious about such endeavors. Assume that G5 could be just as if not more delightful than G4.
  2. Personally, I find both to be quite delectable under the appropriate circumstance; however, I lean more toward the sweet morsel that is a donut at times.
  3. I love your name, @Rarity Gemstones.

    1. Rarity Gemstones

      Rarity Gemstones

      I give you my deepest and most humble thanks.

    2. TheRockARooster


      You are welcome. ^^

  4. I am most excited by the display of gameplay demonstrated regarding Diablo 4. It looks like a much purer and true to form re-imaging of the classic gameplay of Diablo 2. Far superior than what 3 brought to the table. Most delectable indeed.

  5. I do not partake in such an activity, however I have procured a few plushies myself.
  6. Two long and marvelous years have surpassed since the release of a monumental achievement for the MLP franchise. A full theatrical film was made for a series that hadn't seen such a thing since the 1980s. That in and of itself is an extraordinary accomplishment.
  7. If such a thing became a rampant mentality, the human experience would come to an end in a matter of a century.
  8. Usually videos like the described who utilize objective titles such as "BronyCons are a hive of child molestation", they are usually ironically based upon minor evidence and small incidents that are not the norm. I rule in favor of this man speaking in hyperbole by boosting the signal for isolated incidents to push his own agenda.
  9. A common annoyance that I find myself suffering through is people nitpicking the way one talks. If it can be understood what is meant, why is it such a necessity to correct every insignificant grammatical misadventure? I feel that most who partake in such are merely trying to feel positive reinforcement about themselves.
  10. Consider this as a point of advice but perhaps you're thinking about this in a way that is disadvantageous to yourself? Your spite toward such a woman and thus turning her down for not being there 10 years ago gives you only the instant gratification of feeling vindicated for the past, but your ultimate reward is you turn down a chance to not be alone. In layman's terms: perhaps it's time to let go of the past?
  11. I have found that persons of the older persuasion are more likely to be keen on commitment than their younger counterparts who seem more interested in the short term and sexual encounters. Mostly because the older we all become, the more we start to recognize how important our responsibilities are and we wish for the companionship of those who share the same desire to take care of responsibilities rather than those who are essentially more "care free" as the term goes.
  12. I find that one's sex-life takes quite a dip in frequency of opportunities and encounters when one is not engaging in regular bathing.
  13. It's a fairly common conundrum among creators, so I would place my money on "yes".
  14. This was a rather intricate and complex read. One had to put down my margarita and adjust my glasses to make sure I fully comprehended what was being suggested and theorized. It's an interesting idea and theory, and I would wager some truth comes from it. We all partake in our sexual indulgences, and mostly I would say that guilt is acquired when one feels their desires are "impure" or otherwise unsavory to the general consensus. Either way, sex is a very private thing that I would suggest be kept among close acquaintances. Should one do that, they will find the possibility for judgment is far lower.
  15. The propositions posted by the original poster are absolutely ghastly and preposterous. Many of his initial claims that are supposedly negatory qualities are in fact quite positive in nature. A good example is that concept of dating in your middle years means the brain is fully developed. I legitimately can not discern how one could view this as a negative aspect as when a woman or man is fully developed in the mental region, they are more informed and keen on what they desire from a romantic partner. This means less "games" as many put it and more commitment.