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  1. Well, I believe my time here is finished. It has been a wonderful experience!

    1. WWolf


      Oh no

      why :c

  2. Romantic attraction to robots poses a serious threat to the human race as since a robot can be crafted into any image that one desires, a robot can be "perfect" so to speak. An addiction to such perfection could make people no longer seek to be real true human beings which would lead to the end of the human race.
  3. Well, I see it all is very cl3ar now. 113759

  4. To all my American friends: I hope they open your economy soon! Stay strong.

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    2. Rarity Gemstones

      Rarity Gemstones

      I really don't know what to say. My grasp on English isn't top tier. Sorry.

    3. Kyoshi


      It's fine. I am just going on about an obsession of mine. I just want each state to be seen as unique, ya know? 

    4. Rarity Gemstones

      Rarity Gemstones

      I think I understand!

  5. If you can not find it, that means it's time to make it.
  6. ExperiMEntal 70. Weird, huh?

    1. WWolf


      Agreed :wacko: . 3

    2. Rarity Gemstones

      Rarity Gemstones

      Now you're GettinG iT.

  7. Hello there @Rarity Gemstones , How are you today? :grin:

    1. Rarity Gemstones

      Rarity Gemstones

      I am content, yourself?

    2. Splashee


      Long day. Otherwise, I am okay. :coco:

    3. Rarity Gemstones

      Rarity Gemstones

      That is good to hear! I am considering buying this Final Fantasy VII game. I never played the original though.

  8. How exactly do you propose that it "should" be more popular, exactly?
  9. This is just who I am. A person who does not wish to be a lesbian. I wish I could say there is some kind of reason, or explanation that would satiate you, but there really isn't. I'm far from a character with an elaborate or enthralling back story.
  10. Do not be sad!

    1. Envy


      I can't help it, though. It's not healthy to feel that way. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having same-sex attractions.

    2. Rarity Gemstones

      Rarity Gemstones

      I don't know. I mean, I'm sure it's healthy for other people who feel comfortable with it. I just... Don't feel comfortable with the fact that I feel that way. I wish I could say this in a way that made sense, but it's not out of hatred, bigotry or anything, I just... Don't want to be this way. No one is forcing me, it's just something inside of me that says I shouldn't be this way.

    3. Rarity Gemstones

      Rarity Gemstones

      I'm sorry Bas, but it is not what I want for myself. Please, I am just asking people to respect my choice, I've had so many people try to pressure me into being a lesbian in the last 24 hours that it's a bit obnoxious. Why does everyone feel so entitled to tell me what I should be? It's not what I want for myself and I wish people could respect that...

  11. But the one who feels this way is myself?
  12. That is a bit difficult regardless, in my country it is not something you just go out and tell people. I have to use a VPN to just use the internet freely for example. I am not from a religious family.
  13. My English is limited, but I shall try to explain best as I can: There is a feeling inside of me that says what I feel is wrong. It is something that does not go away, and I can not see myself being able to live like that.
  14. I looked up this word "transphobe": (plural transphobes) A person who fears or has a negative perception of trans people and/or transsexuality/transgenderism. I have no fear of such people, nor do I wish negative harm to come of them. I do not feel right about these attractions. It makes me uncomfortable, I feel improper that I am attracted to those of the same gender as myself. It is something I have struggled with my entire life, but I continue to resist because it is not the life I want. I have been to many therapists regarding this issue.
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