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  1. This I would surmise an accurate description of my past few days, no explanation necessary.
  2. I have a fear of germs. CEO of Fruit of the Loom Underwear
  3. I think the thing to take away from this conversation is that a discomfort toward interaction to certain degree with the opposite sexual persuasion should not be taken as a lack of aforementioned trust, but merely a human instinct. While it is simplistic and "easy" to tell people to merely get past their own jealousies, that is as the saying goes "easier said than done". Remember, many people have been cheated on and abused in past romantic endeavors and that is not something that one "moves past" so easily. Asking them to do so for your sake instead of being sensitive to their needs shows that you care more about oneself than one's partner. It's a dance with two, not just one. To otherwise suggest that the aforementioned "jealous" or "uneasy" party should still get over it is more or less suggesting that those with trauma from past experiences are undeserving of affection, romance and sexual intercourse. For example, I was cheated on multiple times. I would find it exceptionally uneasy if my partner desired to go hang out at someone home of someone who falls into their sexual preference by themselves. Do I trust my partner? Absolutely. Do I trust the people they are hanging out with? Not necessarily. Consider the alternate perspective here: it is not always a lack of trust in your partner, but a lack of trust in their "friend" whom you may not be that well acquainted with. I don't have to worry about my boyfriend/girlfriend trying to make a move inherently, I need to worry about this other person making a move on them. As far as jealousy goes... There is such thing as a healthy amount of jealousy. Jealousy shows that someone is still infatuated by you as they are seeking your attention and approval. Imagine if you will: you go to another girl's house who is fawning of you and showering you with compliments. You feel quite enamored and good about yourself. You go home to your girlfriend who you tell about this and her reaction is one of aloofness. Would that not bother you that she is completely uncaring that someone was trying to steal her significant other? It shows a blatant lack of interest in the relationship and often times this is what leads people to commit adultery. They are not getting validation from their current relationship. When my significant other gets jealous of people looking at me, I know they are still actively interested in me and I get that validation from them. My previous relationship I seldom got that and it made me feel quite unloved most of the time. That whenever a guy or girl would look my way, they didn't care. This also often leads to the overconfidence of your partner assuming they "don't need to impress you" anymore. In my case, I worked out daily, I went on diets, I practiced my skills to keep up my appearance and market sexual appeal for my significant other. I wanted them to feel like they were still getting the best version of myself. However, because they didn't have even a slightest bit of jealousy or worry that they would "lose" me in their mind, they put in... No effort. Within 2 years they had gained a good 100 pounds, they stopped caring for my sexual needs (sex became a solo activity that was more or less entirely about them) and they shirked on all responsibilities because they merely assumed that I would continue to put up with it because they had it "in the bag" as the saying goes. Well, this ultimately led them to getting bored with the relationship and cheating and thus the relationship ended. This issue is not limited to men or women. The point is: if you do not have a significant other... Go and do what you wish. Have as many friends of any gender to your heart's desire, however, when you are in a relationship the rules may change and you may have to be respectful to the desires and wishes of your partner within reason. If not, then you should not enter a relationship. Now, obviously some folk out there may be quite content with their significant other's being friends with whoever, and for those out there, I applaud you for having such bravery, however, it's not the norm and it likely will never be the norm. Part of the problem in the world is that loyalty is treated as a throwaway trait. The erosion of loyalty often begins with an aloof attitude toward boundaries with other women or men when they are in a relationship. In short: there is such thing as a healthy amount of jealousy and some people have a hard time trusting because of past violations of aforementioned trust. Don't blame the victim in that case. I apologize for the length of my response, I had much to speak on this matter.
  4. I think this is a case of "a few bad eggs spoil it for all". The main reason people are not comfortable with this predicament is because when you are dating or married and your spouse or significant other spends significant time with an individual of the attracted sex, it sometimes ends in infidelity. Since this occurrence does indeed happen, it is not abnormal for people to be protective of their mates. I know I would be very concerned if my significant other started spending an inordinate amount of time with the opposite sex in locations where they would be completely alone. So in conclusion: cheaters ruin it for everyone. If people didn't cheat, we would not have this problem, but people do.
  5. This is an expected turn of events for any who remain in the sphere of information. While this is all precautionary, it is paramount not to engage in hysteria. The death rates of the virus are very low, and all of these actions are merely as was stated: precautionary. Be wise, do not engage in activity that would aid in the spread of the virus, but also do not panic.
  6. People have ripped the entire DVD sets, special features, etc. all over the net. There is a plethora of places to locate the content to the point where any content that would be "lost" would be in the minority.
  7. So many have vastly archived this show in the digital realm, that the likelihood of it becoming scarce is slim.
  8. One should try and keep an open conscious about such endeavors. Assume that G5 could be just as if not more delightful than G4.
  9. Personally, I find both to be quite delectable under the appropriate circumstance; however, I lean more toward the sweet morsel that is a donut at times.
  10. I love your name, @Rarity Gemstones.

    1. Rarity Gemstones

      Rarity Gemstones

      I give you my deepest and most humble thanks.

    2. TheRockARooster


      You are welcome. ^^

  11. I am most excited by the display of gameplay demonstrated regarding Diablo 4. It looks like a much purer and true to form re-imaging of the classic gameplay of Diablo 2. Far superior than what 3 brought to the table. Most delectable indeed.

  12. I do not partake in such an activity, however I have procured a few plushies myself.
  13. Two long and marvelous years have surpassed since the release of a monumental achievement for the MLP franchise. A full theatrical film was made for a series that hadn't seen such a thing since the 1980s. That in and of itself is an extraordinary accomplishment.
  14. If such a thing became a rampant mentality, the human experience would come to an end in a matter of a century.
  15. Usually videos like the described who utilize objective titles such as "BronyCons are a hive of child molestation", they are usually ironically based upon minor evidence and small incidents that are not the norm. I rule in favor of this man speaking in hyperbole by boosting the signal for isolated incidents to push his own agenda.