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  1. The last thing I ate was fruits which are bananas and grapes🍇
  2. Hi my name is ariana call me ari.. I love science and maths.. ❤️📚.. I love reading 📖📙😍... I love mlp so much ♥️my favourite character is twilight sparkle ✨well that's it I hope we can chat soon From, Ari❤️✨
  3. I wouldn't do that since I love Harry Potter book so much. I read all of them and I really enjoy it📖❤️.. I mean it's just a novel📗📚
  4. Great stuff I'll be joining.. Got some good ideas ❤️👍🏻
  5. Who is born on 1997?that means they r so lucky
  6. Hi everyone and today I want to show u something I love this so much and it means so much to me

  7. My new favourite animal B612_20191026_130606_880.thumb.jpg.ce60fbf3c30ba4065e46941f8eeac6d6.jpg


  8. ❤️🌈


    1. McFlurryMaddie


      I suggest you get their merch soon. Seems like you're a huge fan now.

      Ohhh, I forgot, you already have some. 

  9. Well i like @TBD since hek ows most of the bts stuffs and an army as well Most importantly my friend @Off With Your Head she knows me very well and I pure her.. And she is always there for me when I need her thank u ❤️🌈
  10. I miss my friends ❤️


    1. McFlurryMaddie


      Well, I hope you'll meet up with them soon. They sure do look like they mean something to you. 

    2. Aribts123


      Yes they sure do I hope so I can see them again